The county is entering the second phase of the 193rd Street widening project.

During their Monday morning meeting, the county commissioners acted on a suggestion to re-survey the Catoosa roadway.

“This additional survey has been recommended by Guy Engineering to proceed with the engineering phase of 193rd phase two,” explained Commissioner Steve Hendrix.

He said, “Phase one was from the water tower down the hill and we are going to go ahead with phase two and take that widening all the way to the intersection of 76th street.”

“We were informed that as they completed phase one they realigned or re-positioned part of that road where it goes down the hill,” he said. “To make sure they satisfy all the alignments and we’re within all our right of ways they need to re-survey that end of the project so they’re asking permission to do that.”

With a brief discussion on which account would be used to pay the expenditure, the commissioners voted to approve the expense.

In a recent meeting Hendrix said the project will likely cos t in the ballpark of $5-$6 million.

Of the project, Hendrix said, “We're going to go from the water tower to about 76th Street, which is a two lane road, and widen that to three lanes with the other amenities that go along with that."

The county recently applied for grants to apply to the second phase of the project.

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