With a packed primary election ballot, the county commissioners are doing what they can to let voters know about a local issue.

This week the commissioners voted to do a little more than required in effort to remind voters of the one cent sales tax election.

Per state statute, the commissioners are required to run the notice in one county newspaper for a total of four weeks. With that done, the commissioners agreed to do more.

"I would like to get it out in all the publications we can," said Commissioner Ron Burrows.

While the information has already run in the Oologah Lake Leader, to fill the statutory requirements, they voted to foot the bill to publish the proclamation in the Claremore, Chelsea and Inola newspapers.

"To get the message out is extremely important. This will be a very crowded ballot and I think it's in the best interest of the county to educate the voter base that this is coming up for election so they can ask questions," said Commissioner Steve Hendrix. "The more information we can get out there, the better."

What's on the ballot

Rather than renewing or continuing the existing tax, set to expire later this year, the commissioners are seeking to replace it with three new ballot questions.

Attorney Ben Lepak explained again that the issues will be broken into three ballot questions:

•13/16ths of a percent to provide solely for the construction, improvement, maintenance and repair of county roads and bridges.

• 1/8th of a percent to provide solely for the payment of the judgment in the material corporations case.

• 1/16ths- to provide funding to the rogers county sheriff's to provide for the funding of public safety in Rogers County.

To clarify, Lepak added, "The ballot will not say continuation or renewal of the tax. The current tax expires, then this goes into place. It will not raise the tax. Because they all three have to stand alone, they rise or fall on their own merit. If one doesn't pass, we will have a lower sales tax rate."