Rogers County Election board is gearing up for this year's elections.

Monday morning Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody approached the Rogers County Commissioners with a request—help getting polling equipment to and from the courthouse.

She said having county crews help get the equipment to the polling places, and brought back again, would be a cost savings and a savings in man-hours on her end.

She said there are Rogers County elections in January, February, March and April in addition to the primary election in June.

"And we are expecting an influx of voters in that election due to the marijuana ballot question," Dermody said. "So we're taking extra booths out."

After a brief discussion one commissioner said, "I'm all for it. I think we have the equipment and manpower to do a half dozen elections, to help our election board."

Dermody also updated the commissioners on her plans of opening a satellite location for early voting.

She said the ability to have a satellite location for early voting had been approved by state legislators.

Dermody told the commissioners the areas of the highest concentration of the population are Claremore and Owasso — so she's proposing the satellite location be in Owasso.

She said there will be some cost associated with getting the site set up and that the official site had not yet been determined.

Fifteen percent of the county's early voters, she said, are coming in from Owasso.

"And having this right in their back yard I think we'll see an influx. And I think they will appreciate it."

She said ultimately the goal is to make things more available to all county voters.

More information about the satellite location will be released as it is finalized.