Claremore Public Schools Board of Education met on Monday for their regular board meeting to discuss and take action on a number of items.

Board member Rick Mosier commended Superintendent Michael McClaren, his staff and everyone at the schools who have made sacrifices amidst the recent budget cuts.

McClaren thanked Mosier and recognized that staff, principals and teachers have done a marvelous job of taking ownership of the extra responsibilities that have come their way during the current school year.

McClaren stated that class sizes are larger and unfortunately, classrooms are dirtier due to cutting back on custodial services. He also mentioned that teachers have had to take on additional duties that would usually fall on substitute teachers as the budget for substitute costs are down.

“Everyone is doing what they can do,” said McClaren.

Early graduation was another topic McClaren discussed openly with the board. Stating that Claremore High School saw 45 senior students graduate at the end of the first semester of the school year. That number is up from 25 students who graduated early last year.

McClaren stated concern over losing that number of students in the middle of a school year as it could affect the Average Daily Membership (ADM), which is a factor in state aid components.

The board also voted to release any claims CPS may have to Memorial Height Baptist Church real estate property located on Will Rogers Blvd., in Claremore by executing Quit Claim Deed to the church.

Board members also approved the employment of Paraprofessional Michelle Barreto at Claremont Elementary; Paraprofessional Krisinda Grimes at Westside Elementary; Paraprofessional Andrea Ratcliff at Westside Elementary and Zebra Stripes teacher Madison White.

The board also accepted the resignations of Paraprofessional Emma Boss at Will Rogers Junior High; Paraprofessional Alicia Flanagan at Will Rogers Junior High; Bus Driver William Michael; Paraprofessional Jennifer Rader at Westside Elementary and Bus Driver Tommy Renfro.

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