As the holidays approach, so do the traditions that come with them, and so can be said for Claremore’s Small Business Saturday.

Downtown Claremore will encourage the kick-off off the Christmas shopping season with Small Business Saturday — a day full of shopping, bargains and an occasion to celebrate and support small businesses in downtown Claremore.

“Black Friday, Nov. 24, this year, and Small Business Saturday, scheduled for the day after — Nov. 25 — are two of the biggest days of the year for local retailers,” said Dell Davis, Claremore Chamber president. “These days mark the weekend that kicks off holiday shopping hours, with many storefronts keeping their doors open longer for the holiday rush.”

Small Business Saturday gets underway from 8:30-9:30 Saturday, Nov. 25, during which time, shoppers can get ready for a full day of shopping at She Brews’ Shopper Breakfast.

The first 200 guests at the Shopper Breakfast will receive a canvas tote with Small Business Saturday Shopping Specials.

Although the weekend is earmarked for shopping, Davis is an advocate for local retailers all year long.

“Shopping local and Small Business Saturday are really key every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year,” she said. “We want our residents to remember that it is local businesses who support what happens in our community. You are not going to see the large online ordering companies contributing locally. It is our businesses that contribute to the little league teams, the non-profits, band programs and so much more.

“Sales tax dollars are important as well. They pay for necessary services such as fire, police — and who doesn’t enjoy the park and recreation amenities that sales tax dollars generate?”

Details about businesses and merchants hour and special deals to be offered on Small Business Saturday will be announced when they are made available.

For more information about Small Business Saturday, visit the Claremore Chamber website at

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