Inside the cells of county jail isn't a place one would expect to find Christmas cheer.

But, with festively wrapped cookies and Shannon Morgan's Santa hat, things were merry and bright for a while Wednesday night.

“Listen up guys, you have some visitors” the staff at Rogers County Jail told inmates.

As their cells clicked open, the inmates filed out to hear Tracy and Shannon Morgan explain their visit.

The couple, representing Cedar Point Church of Claremore, said they were there to share a little Christmas cheer, and the love of Christ.

She explained that their church members had baked some 3,000 cookies to deliver to the Rogers County Sheriff's Office, Claremore Police Department and to them.

“They're chocolate chip,” she told them. “And you're each getting three-for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

A little Christmas gift, she said.

“Is that okay with you guys?” she asked a cell block of a dozen or so men.

The question was met with cheering.

One-by-one they came down to claim their cookies—many of them taking the chance to shake hands with the Morgans or give them a hug. All of them told the couple thank you.

The men were all smiles as they waited their turn-like kids at Christmas.

“Thank you guys for doing this,” one of the men said, while another asked the name and address of the church.

Hanging over the bars of the pods' upper level, the inmates called out “Thank you, and Merry Christmas.”

-Find out more about the ministry behind the cookies on the front page of the Friday edition of the Progress.

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