A Sand Springs man was arrested on Memorial Day weekend after allegedly breaking into a home, tussling with the resident there, and again later with law enforcement, according to a Rogers County Sheriff's affidavit.

The female resident told RCSO deputies she stepped outside of her residence to smoke while her fiancé was asleep when she saw Jaxon Starling, 21, sitting on her porch. She immediately ran inside of her home due to fear, the affidavit stated.

Starling reportedly grabbed the door following the female resident into the house towards the back bedroom.

The female's fiance woke up and went to the bedroom door, where Starling allegedly kicked in the door striking the victim in the eye with the door.

Starling reportedly told the victims he was there to, “Do God's work.”

The male resident made attempts to calm Starling down, the affidavit states, when Starling decided to pick up two cigarette lighters resembling pistols placing them against the female resident's body. He reportedly forced her out of the house against her will, where she broke free and ran around her vehicle multiple times to get away from Starling.

Starling reportedly turned away and walked down the driveway leaving the residence.

Before arriving on scene, RCSO deputies asked for municipal backup where Talala police officer Stephen Pales arrived on scene. Pales reported to RCSO that Starling was in the center of the northbound lanes of U.S. Highway 169 wearing only underwear. He further stated Starling caused a semi-truck swerve off of the roadway onto the shoulder.

Upon arrest, Starling began to comply while being placed upon arrest but pulled away, fighting with Pales.

Starling allegedly told officials he had ingested LSD earlier in the day.

Starling was taken to the Amos G. Ward Detention Facility where he was held on a $71,000 bond and charged with first-degree burglary, kidnapping, assault and battery, and resisting arrest.

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