Each year the Rogers County Treasurer's office is required to submit a budget for the Resale Account — a cash account used for various county purposes.

This year's budget amount submitted is $1.2 million.

Treasurer Jason Carini said he uses the account to pay expenses related to collecting delinquent taxes, using it for the Tax Warrant Program.

Last year, Carini said there was a nine-year backlog of delinquent taxes to collect more than $3.3

million on more than 3,000

cases of unpaid personal property taxes.

Personal property includes mobile homes, farm equipment, business equipment and more. Personal property taxes are one of two types of ad valorem taxes distributed to various entities, such as schools.

The other comes from real property/land.

This prompted him to start the Tax Warrant Program and hire a Rogers County Sheriff's deputy to issue tax warrants on personal property. The deputy's salary is paid from the collection of delinquent taxes.

“This fund is also a catch-all account for a couple purposes. First, if the county ever makes a mistake and money has to be paid out to an individual or entity, it comes from the Resale Account,” he said.

Even if it is not a mistake generated by the Treasurer's Office, the Treasurer can utilize the Resale Account to carry a mistake until it is paid back in full, according to Carini.

The second purpose, he said, is to use available funds in the account as a temporary transfer during the fall months.

“It has been atypical for Rogers County to have sufficient money in the General Fund to carry itself between July through November. Therefore, money has to be temporarily transferred from cash accounts until taxes come in,” he added.

Money is transferred from the Treasurer's cash account as well as cash accounts from the three commissioners. Once taxes are paid, the temporary transfers are paid back, Carini noted.

The way to avoid these temporary transfers, Carini emphasized, is for the county to build up a reserve account.

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