Verdigris Cheer takes first, twice

The Verdigris fourth grade cheer squad includes: Kinsley Dorsey,Sammy Adcock, Laurel Odell, Brinly Woodfin, Adilynn McMahan, Ayva Hutchcraft, Kamryn Clagg , Haylee Pry, Kaylee Martindale, Kaylee Seabolt,Abigail Meyers and coaches Sandra Hutchcraft and Kimberly Seabolt.

The fourth grade Verdigris Cheer Squad has a lot to be proud of.

This season the squad entered two competitions and took home first place both times.

Coaches Sandra Hutchcraft and Kimberly Seabolt said the squad took first place in freestyle in the Cheer for a Cure competition.

They earned first in cheer rock during the Claremore Cheer Challenge event as well.

"We are beyond proud of this group of kids. These kids definitely put in a lot of hard work and practice and their efforts have shown it," the coaches said.

To their squad, they added, "Way to go out and be a team working together to get the job done. Congratulations on our wins this year at cheer competitions. We are blessed to have this great bunch of kids and parents. We can't wait until next year."

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