No one knows a neighborhood better than the people who live there.

So when it comes time to vote in an election, local or otherwise, voters need to know where they live—and why it matters.

"We have a representative government which means they represent us. In order to know who represents you need to know which districts you live in—city council, state senate, county commissioners, or even congressional," said Rogers County Election Board Secretary Julie Dermody. " You need to know who is representing you because they owe their spot to you. Their responsibility is to represent you. Being their constituent allows you to have more clout when you speak to them."

She said the maps—since they're different for each level of elected official—can be complicated.

"But everything you need to know, you can find from the Rogers County Election Board website. On the homepage, right under the welcome, click to find your sample ballot. This link takes you to the state website where you put in your name and birth date and it tells you every district that you live in," she said. "Everything you need to know is right there."

She said the site lists everything from school district to congressional district—so voters will know exactly which candidates are seeking the opportunity to represent them.

Dermody said she encourages Rogers County residents to go one step further and register for Code Red alerts through the Rogers County Emergency Management website.

"Here you can opt in for community alerts. These can be election alerts, and they are precinct sensitive- so will just get alerts for your precinct," Dermody said.