Walke Brothers readies main course for St. Paddy’s Day downtown

Walke Brothers employee Lyndon Walke prepares the meat to make bangers at this year’s Bangers & Mash Lunch.

Col. Sanders has his 11 herbs and spices, McDonald’s has it’s “secret sauce,” and Walke Brothers Meat Company knows how to put the bang in bangers.

Since its inception in 2008, Claremore Main Street’s annual Bangers & Mash Lunch has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with music, community, and a traditional Irish “bangers & mash” lunch, with the bangers courtesy of Walke Brothers — right from the very beginning.

“We’ve been making the bangers ever since Claremore Main Street has hosted the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon — people really seem to enjoy them,” said John Walke, owner, Walke Brothers.

For the uninitiated, “bangers and mash” is a traditional dish of the British and Irish Isles, made of sausages (aka bangers) and mashed potatoes, and which may consist of a variety of flavored sausages.

What differentiates a banger from other sausages are the seasonings used at Walke Brothers, and bread crumbs, which are mixed into the pork.

“A banger’s probably closer to a bratwurst than what most people would think of as a sausage, although I think bangers are just a little sweeter than a bratwurst, which makes them go better with mashed potatoes,” he said. “Most of your European sausages, your German sausages are similar to one another.”

Although traditionally made for the Bangers & Mash Lunch, for those who’d want to enjoy bangers past the holiday, Walke Brothers bangers are available at Reasor’s companies around the state.

“I think we do something like 11 kinds of sausages for Reasor’s, and the bangers are one of our staples,” Walke said, “but as far as the Bangers & Mash Lunch go, we generally make about 125 pounds (of bangers) for the day, which always sell quite well.”

Although Walke runs his business year-round, he said he always looks forward to being a part of special occasions such as the Bangers & Mash Lunch to share what he does with the community.

“All the stuff that Main Street’s been doing — Bangers & Mash, Taste of Claremore, the food trucks, etc., has been great,” Walke said. “As far as I’m concerned, we’ll keep on making bangers for Claremore Main Street for as long as they keep asking us to. I’m a quarter Irish myself, so I always enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, and we’ll be there (at the Bangers & Mash Lunch) on Friday.”

Claremore Main Street’s Bangers & Mash Lunch will be 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Friday in the parking lot of the Claremore Daily Progress. Bangers & Mash dishes will be available for $7 a plate.

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