A group of Rogers County educators enthusiastically kayak around areas of Oologah Lake Wednesday morning as part of a mental retreat and well-deserved break from the school season.

Summer vacations and local getaways are a great way to escape from everyday routines. For local teachers, it is a way to get a mental break before the school season kicks in.

If you drove over the Oologah Lake Dam Wednesday morning and saw a group of kayakers in the water, what you did not witness was the laughter and bonding as they kayaked away.

Jessica Stolusky, Catalayah Kindergarten teacher and Claremore District Teacher of the Year, said the group, Kayak Krew, started out small last year with around six people and inflatable kayaks.

This year it has grown to more than a dozen people with upgraded equipment.

The women agreed that the weekly two to three hour excursion allows them to retreat then recharge, but most of all — bond.

“We have been out every single week this summer. We enjoy just spending time together,” Stolusky said.

According to www.educationworld.com, retreats are the perfect way to energize faculty, something that Oologah-Talala Public Schools recently identified they will use in their 5-Year Strategic Plan.

But this meaningful weekly retreat is something the group will continue to do and invites other educators to join in.

“We have a couple of extra kayaks if people do not want to invest in their own,” Stolusky added.

To inquire further please visit their group page on Facebook named Kayak Krew.

The Kayak Krew consists of Jessica Stolusky, Catalayah Kindergarten teacher; Jennifer Lewis, 1st grade teacher at Catalayah; Jamie Geranen, 3rd Grade at Catalayah; Crystal Galvan, Catalayah Special Education teacher; Andrea James, Librarian; Misty Crutchfield, Catalayah 4th grade teacher; Julie McComb, School Counselor; Jeannie Seidel, PE Teacher; Leslie Evans, Foyil Second grade; Scarlett Sellmeyer, Oologah Lower Elementary, 2nd Grade teacher; and not shown are Sharole Beasley, second grade teacher from Catalayah; and Tina Cole, Catalayah Pre-K teacher.