Breanna Adair

A Chelsea woman reportedly had a hatchet "cocked back" as if she was going to swing prior to her arrest.

Records show Breanna Adair was arrested on felony assault allegations as well as a felony warrant from Nowata County Friday evening.

Law enforcement reports they were dispatched to Smitty's Gas Station, in Claremore, in regards to a domestic dispute.

On scene, officers were immediately told Adair was in possession of a hatchet.

"An argument ensued with Adair and [the victim] at which time Adair retrieved the hatchet from a bag, lifted the hatched in a 'cocked' position, in a manner in which [the victims] believed she was going to strike him with it," records show. "[The victim] said Adair stated she was going to kill him while holding the hatchet."

Adair was arrested and transported to Rogers County Jail.