O’Donnell passes laws to help manufacturers  and haulers in Oklahoma

Representative O’Donnell, Brad Banks (Tulsa Port of Catoosa, Manager of Operations), and Senator Bergstrom with Governor Mary Fallin.

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Representative and Majority Whip, Terry O’Donnell, commended the governor’s signing of his two bills that will allow the transport of heavier trucking loads throughout the State, and will specifically impact the Port of Catoosa in his District. Shortly before Session this year, Brad Banks with the Port of Catoosa approached O’Donnell and Senator Michael Bergstrom about these important transportation measures.

Senate Bill 1089 changes the prohibition on single axle weight to not exceed 23,000 pounds on any state road or highway. It modifies the limit on tandem axels to 34,000 pounds on any interstate highway or 46,000 pounds on any state road or highway.

Senate Bill 1114 is a companion to SB1089, designating certain routes as high-wide corridors to allow for the larger truck loads. It specifies limits for structures such as power lines or traffic signals in these corridors.

“Senator Bergstrom and I worked with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, various road and traffic engineers, as well as manufacturing and shipping concerns to update and improve Oklahoma’s weight and route restrictions. These pro-jobs, pro-business pieces of legislation will have a direct impact on much of the manufacturing that goes on at the Port of Catoosa and most of the trucking companies operating in our state,” said O’Donnell, R-Catoosa. “This brings us into compliance with what about 37 states have already done.”

O’Donnell said less than 3 percent of the traffic on state roads carry these heavy loads, so the wear and tear is expected to be negligible. Those carrying the extra weight will pay more for permits to help offset any cost incurred for roadway maintenance.