• By Bill John Baker | CNHI Oklahoma

As the chief of the Cherokee Nation and the son of public schoolteachers, it has troubled me to see the inaction at the state level as teachers across our great state struggle. The time for action is now, and Cherokee Nation is taking the lead by granting our certified teachers the pay raise they deserve.

  • James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma
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For as long as there have been young people, there have been older people lamenting just how far society has slipped with this new generation and its faults.

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We’re one-third of the way through the legislative session, and there still is no agreement on funding issues — generating more revenue for the state and coming up with money for teacher raises.

When a group of people is mistreated and marginalized for so many years, there's bound to come a time when that group has no choice but to push back. That's the predicament in which Oklahoma's public school teachers now find themselves.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg

Congressional Democrats last week introduced a tax plan they intend to run on for the upcoming mid-term elections. The mere idea a $600 billion income tax hike strikes them as a winning strategy should in itself be enough to keep the party in its current, well-earned role as the minority party.

  • Enid News & Eagle Editorial Board

Imagine not having any idea what your city government, your school board or your police department were doing.

  • Jeff Mullin | CNHI News Oklahoma

I am thinking of turning myself into a superhero. I’ll call myself simply Old Guy, and my slogan would be Old Enough to Know Better or Get off My Lawn. I haven’t decided which yet.

  • Kim Poindexter | CNHI News Oklahoma

"No good deed goes unpunished." That comment was made to me a week or so ago by NSU President Steve Turner, during an email exchange unrelated to the newspaper. But if he were in my business instead of the education field, he could say the same thing, and it would be just as germane.

  • James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma

Many Americans conclude that ending DACA and forcibly rounding up 800,000 young people is acceptable because illegal immigration is, well, illegal. It is against the law, and that justifies any policy that yields enforcement.

  • Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board

State legislators should investigate and debate measures that would raise qualification standards for Oklahomans on Medicaid.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg | CNHI Columnist

Talk is increasing of a teacher walkout in the state of Oklahoma with petition drives pushing the idea and teacher and parent groups mobilizing for a work stoppage. While the desire to increase compensation for teachers is understandable, is this really the correct response?

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

There's been a lot of discussion lately about the super-heated political climate - how partisan it is, and how it has begun to destroy families and friendships. It's gotten to where people can't even discuss political issues without one of the participants getting angry or melting down in emotional frustration.

  • By Barrett Vanlandingham | CNHI Oklahoma

In less than a month, people everywhere will be celebrating Easter. Many locals here in Fort Gibson will bring their children to our church grounds for a massive egg hunt at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 31. Others will celebrate by participating in a special Easter worship service that focuses on Christ’s resurrection.

Gun control, the potential for more or lack thereof, may not actually be up to us. The “us” refers to the generation that isn’t currently in high school. It’s the kids, the kids are going to do what they’re going to do and we will live with those results. 

  • By Joe Cummings | CNHI News Oklahoma

So, the most noted Western cowboy shootout in Oklahoma Territory happened at Stop No. 1 of the northbound Rock Island Line. However, the railroad workers had another name for it. They called it “Walk Home Us” because they had to walk home to Enid.

  • By Brady Sidwell | CNHI Oklahoma

Monday’s crop conditions report shows zero percent of the Oklahoma winter wheat crop was in excellent condition and only 4 percent was good-to-excellent ...

  • By Jeff Mullin | CNHI Oklahoima

Parents must be invested in their children, all in, no holds barred. Parents must demand their children get the best education possible, and be willing to pay for it. They also must demand their children are kept safe, at all costs.

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

“Your memory is a monster; you forget — it doesn’t. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you — and summons them to your recall with will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!” ~ John Irving, “A Prayer for Owen Meany”

  • By Bill John Baker | CNHI Oklahoam

The judicial branch of the Cherokee Nation recently moved from its old location in downtown Tahlequah to the courtrooms and offices built on the second story of the tribe’s W.W. Keeler Complex.

  • Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board

It’s well-documented that Oklahoma teachers have not received a raise in awhile and that is contributing to an exodus of teachers to other states.

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

Movers and shakers behind a proposed biking and hiking trail didn't expect much opposition when they discussed the topic recently. But advocates talked, word spread, and the naysayers - eight to 10 area landowners - launched their own campaign.

  • Muskogee Phoenix Editorial Board

There have been multiple reports locally of threats against students or schools following a mass shooting at a Florida high school recently.

  • By Joe Malan | CNHI News Oklahoma

Imagine, for a minute, that the year is 2040 (perhaps somewhat earlier or later), and you have a couple of thousand bucks to throw around.

  • Norman Transcript Editorial Board

There’s still plenty of time left in the current legislative session — it only started this month — but legislators can’t allow this session to slip away without coming up with solutions to our state’s systemic budget issues. The failure of Step Up Oklahoma was just the beginning.

  • By Deb Hirt | CNHI Oklahoma

The weather over the past week has been anything but desirable, especially when just days prior to that we had 70-degree temperatures. What happened? Why are we dealing with ice and snow and confused birds?

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

“We are scattered, stunned; the remnant of heart left alive is filled with brotherly hate. … Whose fault? Everybody blamed somebody else. Only the dead heroes left stiff and stark on the battlefield escape.” ~ Mary Boykin Chesnut

  • By Joe Malan | CNHI Oklahoma

What really awkward scenes from your favorite movies — ones where you were like, "How did this make it into the final cut?" — do you remember?