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Ahh, the '90s. Indeed the time of plenty when it came to cheesy pop love songs.

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Amidst all this bombastic saber rattling, it may be hard to see what role we, as individual Christians, play in bringing about a more peaceful world.

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With age comes a sense of history that is occasionally called upon to be shared. My prepared talk about Norman’s growth and development includes a top 10 list. The audience always nods in collective approval when the Boren era is noted.

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The deaths of five Northeastern State University students Sunday night brought home a crushing reality that no one wants to think about. That's especially true for parents who have, in many cases, sent their children out into the world - on their own, for the first time.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: To celebrate the 230th anniversary of our nation’s founding document, we are inviting writers to submit guest editorials for civics week.

  • By Sara Orellana-Paape | CNHI Oklahoma

We all have the friend who is so independent they do not seem to need anyone, we also all have the friend who seems like they cannot leave the house without someone to hold their hand. If you are like me, you often find yourself wishing you could be like one of them at different points in your life. I wish I had an easier time saying that I need help, or that I am feeling down and could use a friend

  • By David Hillock | CNHI Oklahoma

When the crisp fall air arrives, many people find themselves spending more time outdoors. Not only do Oklahomans enjoy fall activities such as high school and college football, roasting hotdogs over a firepit or evening walks around the neighborhood, many begin to add more color to the landscape with a variety of fall plants.

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Most people who are experienced social media users understand that not everything can be taken at face value. People hide behind false identities, and fake accounts are routinely created. People feel emboldened to speak their minds, because of the perceived safety net afforded by their computers and smartphones.

Thousands of people — around 100,000 by most estimates — lined up Sept. 16, 1893, for the chance at free land ...

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I’ve answered the phone hundreds, maybe thousands of times in my 41 years here, and have yet to get a tip on the biggest story of my life. ... But that doesn’t mean I don’t have some stories to tell.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg | Sports Editor

Understandably, Sooner fans are feeling good this week, beaming and basking in the glow of Oklahoma’s 31-16 victory last Saturday over Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio.  But while revenge is sweet, OU fans should at least try to hold off on guzzling down too much of the Crimson Kool-Aid. The Buckeyes may not be as vaunted as their preseason billing indicated.

  • By Barrett Vanlandingham | CNHI Oklahoma

There are times in life when we come to crossroads. These usually involve recent changes brought on by family issues, health, finances, or maybe just the next season of life. Then, we feel stress about how to restructure our life to move forward.

  • By LeeAnn Barton | CNHI Oklahoma

Properly designed outdoor lighting should create an appealing atmosphere rather than the harsh impression of a penal institution. Lighting can make the difference between an average and an outstanding landscape. At one time perceived to be only for the wealthy, lighting in the landscape has become more common as people recognize its versatility.

  • The Norman Transcript Editorial Board

President Donald Trump’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, known as DACA, earlier this week was controversial, to say the least.

  • By Kim Poindexter | CNHI Oklahoma

My husband and I are on the downward slope of the 50s mountain. Many of our male friends - and more than a few females - are balding, though some have laid in for a lifetime supply of Rogaine. The ones who do still have hair usually sport a tufty salt-and-pepper mix, unless they make occasional furtive treks to a local beauty salon or talk their spouses into donning the gloves and plastic squirt bottles of Miss Clairol.

President Donald Trump has said repeatedly that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is unconstitutional, and has lambasted President Obama for the executive order creating the program. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeated his boss's assertions, insisting that had the issue made it before the Supreme Court, the justices would have ruled accordingly.

  • Enid News & Eagle Editorial Board

When staff writer James Neal began his series about school segregation in Oklahoma 60 years after the Little Rock Nine, interviews started one day before the white supremacist marches in Charlottesville, Va.

  • By Linda Provost | CNHI Oklahoma

The week of Valentine's day was not the best time to be going through these profiles, but there I was,  looking anyway. I saw him. His name was Tom and it said he was available. I knew right then my life would change forever.

  • By Shannon Lynn Arrington | CNHI Oklahoma

Sage and Kristopher were fighting. It was one of those mornings when you have to stop the presses and sit your children down. I didn’t care if they were late for school. I didn’t care if they got a tardy that day. It was something that needed to be addressed in the moment. I sat and shivered on my doorstep, trying to find words to tell them about the short time they had left to love each other.

  • By Rep. Marcus McEntire | CNHI Oklahoma

When I was elected to the House, I knew the job would be challenging and there would be many obstacles. But at the end of the session, I realized there is a certain well-intentioned constitutional provision in place that proves to be an extraordinary hurdle to effective legislating.

  • By Sara Orellana-Paape | CNHI Oklahoma

Volunteering. Many people say when you feel down, do something nice for someone else. Is this good advice? Or, rather, is this just a nice way to say, “stop feeling sorry for yourself?” It is truly difficult to give of yourself when your world is falling apart.

  • By LeeAnn Barton | CNHI Oklaoma

Every profession has its own lingo; gardening is no different. These specialized words mean nothing (or something entirely different) to novice gardeners. For this reason, I often find myself offering detailed explanations for something as simple as snapping off a brittle twig, (I call it finger pruning). I am not sure from where the definitions of gardening lingo come. Likely, all gardeners have coined a few of their own definitions while puttering with plants.

  • By Allie Essary | CNHI Oklahoma

Is anyone else completely consumed with the coverage on Hurricane Harvey in south Texas and Louisiana? Even after watching the news for days, I cannot un-glue my eyes from the television or social media coverage.