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Many Americans remember when Bill Clinton was president, and how they were forced to explain to their children the definition of "oral sex," usually with crude words not acceptable in polite company.

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Today, many of us are off work as we celebrate the holiday marking the anniversary of the birth of civil rights giant Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The War on Drugs will not be won in a hail of bullets. It certainly wasn’t won by knocking down the doors of crack dens in the 80s. But a battle could be won in the courtroom, and it could possibly create a chain-reaction that deals a major blow to the demand side of the supply-and-demand dynamic.

President Donald Trump is no fan of First Amendment liberties - at least, not when it comes to freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to peaceably assemble. But his renewed calls to toughen up libel laws could bring more financial harm upon Trump himself than his intended targets.

  • Ruth Ann Replogle | CNHI News Oklahoma
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As much as I have confidence in my abilities, there are times I am weak and allow others to cast shadows of doubt in my mind. I let them get to me.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein deserves kudos for releasing the contents of a transcript that settled once and for all the question of how the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election got started.

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A quality public education is the most accessible way for our youth to build a foundation for a successful work career.

  • By Barrett Vanlandingham | CNHI Oklahoma

We all made mistakes in 2017. Thankfully, we are in a BRAND NEW YEAR, with a brand new calendar with no blemishes. You now have the opportunity to LET THE PAST GO. Yes, the devil wants you to carry forward your sins (even those you’ve repented of) and your feelings of guilt. Satan wants you to continually ask yourself: “Why even try? What difference does it make?”

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

In years past, I’ve offered up a fairly modest plate of strange, sometimes whimsical customs of peoples around the world when it comes to the new year.

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Many Christians here and elsewhere express enthusiastic support for the state of Israel, so they welcomed President Trump's incendiary declaration that henceforth, Jerusalem would be the capital of Israel.

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It’s unfortunate that nearly 200 employees of the Department of Health will be laid off because of budget cuts made necessary because of alleged mismanagement.

Most laws have their roots in real problems, and those who push them may have good intentions. But sometimes, governmental interference goes overboard, and frivolous laws hamper the ability of society to function as efficiently as it could.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg | CNHI Oklahoma

The deeper we get into the Trump presidency we see the apparently bottomless swamp that has enveloped Washington, D.C., and the contemptuous nature of the deep state that is desperately trying to keep from relinquishing its stranglehold on power.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg | CNHI Sports Oklahoma

Did sports fans get an early Christmas present with the Dec. 18 announcement that ESPN president John Skipper had resigned, effective immediately? Based on the direction the network has taken under Skipper — he had been president since 2012 — hopefully it portends a return to sports programming and away from the politicized, divisive content ESPN has been offering.

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Whatever the ultimate outcome of the Tax Cut and Reform Bill, two things can be stated with certainty: President Trump's claim that it is "very popular" is erroneous, and many middle-class taxpayers will feel an unpleasant sting come April 15, 2019.

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A Facebook feud initiated by the governor’s finance secretary demonstrates the depth to which leadership at the Capitol seem willing to sink themselves and the state.