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The why has not been answered. Only Ernie Currier himself can answer that — and what happened to the money.

  • James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma
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We can argue about whether or not our solutions lie in being conservative, but one thing is indisputable: this Legislature ain’t it. 

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

“I’m not certain that I draw from any one culture more than others. Many myths and legends of many different cultures are really the same story when you get to the heart of it. They are often cultural cautionary tales about how we should behave and how we should live.” ~ Robert Jordan

  • By Bill John Baker | CNHI Oklahoma

November is a special and sacred time in the Cherokee Nation and all across Indian Country. Annually, November is the month we set aside to celebrate and recognize Native American Heritage. It is also the month we honor military heroes and our service veterans. At all Cherokee Nation events we take a moment to ensure we recognize and appreciate our veteran brothers and sisters for their courage and sacrifice. That high standard of support and recognition is something we all take great pride in and a value that we will make sure is always preserved.

Goals are to reduce conflicts with surrounding areas while accommodating community growth and economic development, sustaining economic vitality, protecting public health and safety and protecting the operational missions of Vance Air Force Base.

  • James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma

The middle ground between those two equally inane schools of thought — the ground where we can engage in mutually respectful, substantive discussion of ways to preserve both our liberty and our safety — has almost disappeared.

No question about it, an opioid epidemic is sweeping the country. Where the public places the blame is largely determined by occupations, religions and political parties, but almost everyone agrees something has to be done about it.

  • By Barrett Vanlandingham | CNHI Oklahoma

One of the biggest lies Satan has pulled on our generation, and the generation before, and so on, is this:

  • By Joe Malan | CNHI Oklahoma

 It is not unthinkable to imagine that life is present in these watery worlds, and, given a lot of time, also not too "far out" to believe that these sea creatures could one day become intelligent beings.

  • By David Hillock | CNHI Oklahoma

Now that Oklahoma has experienced its first freeze of the season, many residents have loaded the fireplace or wood stove with logs in an effort to help cut the chill. But what some people may not realize is the ashes leftover after the fire can be a great addition to your lawn and garden.

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

I’m probably as superstitious as the next person, I just sometimes don’t realize it, it’s so ingrained from childhood and just growing up hearing different expressions, Southern colloquialisms.

  • By Kim Poindexter | CNHI Oklahoma

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. In September, temperatures start to fall, bringing on what I've always thought of as "football weather." My favorite holiday, Halloween, is part of the fun. I like snow, as long as it doesn't happen too often, and I can usually get into the spirit of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • James Neal | CNHI News Oklahoma

When the perpetrator of a horrific event looks and sounds like our preconceived notion of “us,” we focus on the event, rather than on the individual.

Whatever else one might say about President Donald Trump, it must be acknowledged that he managed to tap into a deep reservoir of white resentment and turn it to his advantage during last year's election cycle.

Coming together on a serious note, both OU and OSU will wear a “Stop Opioids” helmet decal to raise awareness about painkiller abuse. Late OU linebacker Austin Box died of a drug overdose in 2011. The former Enid standout had a notable interception in the 2010 Bedlam game.

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

Now that Robert Mueller and his team have issued a couple of indictments over Russia's tampering with U.S. elections, everyone needs to settle down, stop pointing fingers, and resist the temptation to spread more lies on social media.

  • By Kim Poindexter | CNHI Oklahoma

I'm not sure why, but Halloween has become my favorite holiday. It may be for the same reason that very old people often resume wearing diapers and babbling senselessly: We're reverting to our carefree days of childhood. Although how one can be "carefree" with a bulging, malodorous set of britches is anyone's guess.

  • Tahlequah Daily Press

Comes now the revelation that the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign helped pay for a probe into ties between Donald Trump and his campaign to the Kremlin - up to and including the possibility that Russians infiltrated the U.S. election system.

  • by Bill John Baker | CNHI Oklahoma

The Northeast Oklahoma Regional Alliance is a nonprofit dedicated to the growth of northeast Oklahoma. The organization, focused on economic and workforce development in the 14 counties of northeast Oklahoma, recently held its annual conference in Tahlequah. Cherokee Nation has been a proud partner of this group from the very beginning and remains heavily invested in finding new ways to grow our region of Oklahoma.

  • Carl Lewis | CNHI News Oklahoma

By now, most should be familiar with the viral image of an NFL player dancing around the locker room with a burning American flag. Some of you may even have shared the image. If so, shame on you. It’s fake.

President Trump is not the first head of state to collect a cadre of loyalists who insist it's unpatriotic - or even treasonist - to criticize him. He won't be the last, either, though a basic understanding of the First Amendment might quell some of the ignorance.

  • By Dave Ruthenberg | CNHI Sports Oklahoma

If you were needing a reprieve from all the noise and clatter surrounding the national anthem or just suffering from fatigue from all the controversy, you would have found solace and an elixir at Enid's football game Thursday against Stillwater.

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

“Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.” ~ John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the United States.