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On Tuesday, Oct. 30, the Tahlequah Daily Press will publish a series of questions we emailed to candidates for state-level offices, and the answers of those who responded. We also asked fresh questions of the remaining candidates for District 2 Congress.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s political gambit probably backfired. Her decision to get a DNA test, then release the results as if it would punctuate the win on her personal dispute with President Donald Trump will be viewed through a partisan lens, but really, it accomplished little more than increasing the rhetoric in the valuation of identity politics.

Among all subjects pertaining to astronomy, there is hardly any more fascinating than the Moon, Earth's one and only, circling high in the sky.

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As I was scrolling through Google, I noticed a few more newspapers are printing my column. I would like to give a big shout-out to the fine folks who catch me in the "Oskaloosa Herald" in Iowa, the "Morehead News" in Kentucky, and the "Herald Bulletin" in Anderson, Indiana.

You know how you can get an earworm - a song that plays in your head in an endless loop that prevents you from falling asleep? Or you obsess on a certain topic to such a degree that even a Valium and a TV tuned to "Forensic Files" won't do the trick?

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When it comes to positive indicators for the economy, President Trump is quick to boast about his performance, and he may deserve a tip of the hat in some areas. But in other ways, he is taking credit when not that much is due.

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It's hard to turn the page of any newspaper or periodical these days without reading something about the opioid crisis — it's even worse on television. 

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AARP has a mission to provide information, advocacy and service to its members, and the Oklahoma chapter for the past decade has been recognizing distinguished tribal elders for their lifetime of work. These citizens have positively influenced their community, family, tribe, state and country.

“Nowhere on God’s good earth does the sky look bigger than in Oklahoma.” ~ The introduction to “Magnet Ass and the Stone-Cold Truck Hunters,” a memoir by Will Cunningham, with Paul Pastor

We need to listen, and begin to accept each other as human beings with reasonable cause for slightly different views of the crazy, hateful mess we’ve made of America.

The national turmoil leading up to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court will go down as an interesting chapter in history - and despite the belief of his supporters and those of President Trump, history will look favorably on the public backlash, and less so on the official response to it.

As I watched the sights and sounds of the very powerful and much-appreciated protest at the U.S. Supreme Court, I recalled our country embroiled in U.S. Supreme Court controversy before.

The opioid epidemic is a killer. So is meth. Cigarettes, more so. Alcohol, can be lethal in the short and long run. But, even though most of us know better, it’s our bad eating habits that are really doing us in. 

With all the other news competing for our attention lately, you might have missed this little gem: The United States is poised to begin spending more on interest on the national debt than we spend on other important areas — including national defense or Medicaid.

“During the day I don't believe in ghosts; at night I'm a little more open minded.” Something about the dark and the fear of the unknown does make things seem possible at night that I would dismiss in the daylight. Halloween is just around the corner and with it, all those things that go bump in the night are suddenly considered decorations.

Anyone familiar with reports filed by Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers have seen it before. When the trooper describes the incident in the report, it reads something like this: "Subject vehicle left roadway for unknown reason."

It's been over three months since Oklahomans approved State Question 788, which legalized medicinal marijuana. The state health department opened the application process near the end of July, and has received thousands of patient and caregiver applications, as well as more than a thousand dispensary applications.

If we’re to ever heal the wounds of racial discord in this nation, we all must face and honestly acknowledge the roots of today’s evils — roots that draw on centuries of violence and oppression, instigated, justified and covered up by a predominantly white power structure that remains largely intact to this day.

The more languages a person can speak, the more valuable his niche in today's global society will be. Those who speak two or more languages can write their own career tickets, and have a variety of choices not only in terms of what they do, but where they do it.

Conspiracy theories are always something that intrigued me. It is interesting to me that some people could just casually start pontificating on a particular historical subject, and before you know it, the person spinning conspiratorial darkness on every subject from the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy had an audience ready to listen, and in some cases, embrace these theories without question.

With all the information and treatments available in the 21st century, reasonably astute people might assume sexually transmitted diseases have been all but eradicated. They would be wrong. In fact, in Oklahoma, STDs are on the rise.

Muskogee city and county officials are doing the practical and compassionate thing by creating a Warrant Amnesty Day.

I taught my first political science class in 1969 at Oklahoma Baptist University. Since that time, quite a bit has changed in American politics. One particular trend is unmistakable: public trust in the United States government has plummeted to historic lows.

Maybe you’re a strapping young lad or fit young lady in the prime of his or her life – you wake up early every morning and run or workout, you eat healthy balanced meals, you don’t smoke, don’t drink, you’ve never even broken a bone – you should get a flu shot.

While it may seem like we are in the midst of one of the most contentious battles to approve the next member of the United States Supreme Court, there have been many others throughout American history that also were contentious.

This week we join millions of readers across American in celebrating Banned Books Week, an initiative of the American Library Association that’s designed to draw national attention to the harms of censorship.

September has been designated as National Preparedness Month. Oklahoma residents are well aware of the importance of being prepared for both natural and manmade disasters. Few places experience nearly everything from tornadoes to earthquakes as much as Oklahoma. 

This past Saturday, a number of area residents participated in an event to promote awareness about suicide and the devastation it can wreak on families. The Tahlequah Out of the Darkness Community Walk was to be among the largest fundraising events for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

As I listen to the news of Hurricane Florence and her path across the Eastern United States I am transported back to natural disasters here at home. I feel for the first responders and I empathize with the municipal officials who are struggling to protect their citizens in the face of disaster.

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