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“Code enforcement exists to en­sure that all neighborhoods and properties are maintained protecting property values and to promote the health, safety and welfare of the city of Enid.”

Left-leaning and some centrist Americans may have curled their lips in distaste when President Donald Trump appointed Jeff Sessions to be his attorney general. Sessions was the first U.S. senator to endorse Trump in his presidential bid, and his support may have helped sway many opinions.

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Hulbert officials probably aren't complaining about the influx of Tahlequah residents using their state-of-the-art splash pad. And with just a 22-mile round trip from Tahlequah to its smaller neighbor to the west, it's fairly convenient for parents of kids who enjoy the water feature.

  • By Sara Orellana-Paape | CNHI Oklahoma

This week, we will continue our series on children by talking about how much sleep a child really needs. Summer is winding down, and school is quickly approaching, there are four short weeks until the start of school.

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Night and day became a singularly numb existence. There was always someone awake. There was always a knock at the door. There were different casseroles filling the kitchen and refrigerator, each one a symbol of someone reaching out a hand, but not wanting to intrude. Every morning there would be new paper goods and drinks waiting on the porch.

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Oklahoma House Republicans might want to take another look at their speaker and majority leader - Charles McCall and Mike Sanders, respectively. Their temperament and grandstanding is not what our beleagured state needs at this time.

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An unintended consequence in a law that became effective last year has allowed school districts to bypass the state rule that pre-K classes be limited to 20 students.

  • By Sara Orellana-Paape | CNHI Oklahoma

Our series on children continues this week with ways to teach respect and cultivate a language of love with your child. A respectful child can mean many things and can be a vague and subjective notion. For many adults, we think back to our childhood and how we were taught to show respect, for many of us, it was a forced concept. Teaching respect can be a balancing act, and for many parents, they are either too permissive or demand too much.

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Rogers has been gone since 1935, of course, lost in an Alaska plane crash along with Wiley Post, but I couldn’t help but wonder what old Will would think about what’s going on in the country right now.

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It’s nothing new to our state. It gets hot, and everybody knows that. But being somewhat used to extreme heat may lead to folks being out in the scorching summer sun a little too long. 

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With the Major League Baseball All-Star game done, the sports calendar moves into an important stretch now: preseason football talk. Especially college football talk.

We’re inspired by Roberto Duran’s story and hope it encourages more citizens to pursue Scouting in the future.

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Increasingly, America is distrustful of the media and what sometimes seems to be its not-so-hidden agenda, and that frustration has boiled over from news to sports and from consumers of news to politicians.

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With President Trump's proposed budget taking a chunk out of entitlement funding, forward-thinking community leaders will be looking at ways they can prop up key services for individuals in need. Without a strong local base and reliable resources, many agencies and entities will fall through the cracks - and with them, the people they purport to serve.

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Any civil libertarians who voted for Donald Trump last November must be appalled now by his heavy-handed tactics - especially as it pertains to his unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, and what he wants to do about it.

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State Question 640, approved by voters 25 years ago, makes it so that it takes three-fourths approval of the Legislature to pass a tax increase. Otherwise, a measure would have to go before voters in a statewide election.

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As a parent, one of the hardest things is to watch your child be the victim of bullying. Bullying is very serious, and should be treated with concern and professionalism. The old adage, oh they are just being kids, will lead to trauma and permanent scars. 

  • By David Christy | CNHI Oklahoma

History contains the ultimate “what if” when you are first learning it — and, as you continue to learn it, since history is being added to every second of every hour of every day.

A gambler can only bet on a losing horse so many times before he throws in the towel. So it's time for the Democratic Party to cut its losses and put Nancy Pelosi out to pasture.