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 if President Trump can foster peace and open the door to more prosperity and freedom (or maybe just adequate food and medicine) for the North Koreans, then by God we should be behind that effort.

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Many Oklahomans, even some high-ranking Republicans, would like to see President Trump dump Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

This season of lawn care at the Vanlandingham house is going to see some changes. For years now, I have worked hard to make sure my lawn looks good. I keep it mowed, but not too low so as not to scorch. I keep it watered. I keep it fed and protected with all the right stuff. But when July rolls around, a recurring enemy wreaks havoc on my most sincere efforts every… single… year.

NORMAN — Climate change is one of the most significant issues we face today. We’re already experiencing the effects of global warming, and the long-term impact of climate change is incredibly concerning.

In virtually all of our 50 states in America, you can find laws that, shall we say, are questionable, obtuse or just downright “what were they thinking?”

Leto's take on the Joker was one quite different from the character's other incarnations. This Joker is mostly a gangster who seems to be only just now on his rise up the criminal ranks in Gotham.

When we ask in Jesus’ name, we are asking in the name of self-sacrificial love. That asking, by definition, cannot be selfish, because selfishness is incomprehensible in the salvation mindset of Christ.

Monday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple was upsetting to many Americans who fear it gives carte blanche to those seeking to discriminate under the cloak of religion.

As the Washington Times noted, “Oklahomans weren’t exactly crying in their sweet tea after learning that their state has been added to California’s blacklist on state-sponsored travel.”

It’s called “whataboutism,” and it really should have a place in upcoming editions of dictionaries. It’s not hard to explain whataboutism, but because examples are so abundant, we’ll use that.

Remember how the Jews had allowed the house of the Lord to become a den of robbers in Matthew 21:12-13? Jesus came in and cleared it, changing it back to a house of prayer. He can do the same in our lives.

Within seconds after news broke that ABC was cancelling its new incarnation of "Roseanne," fans expressed outrage that an errant tweet had cost the comedian her show. The trouble is, the tweet wasn't an anomaly, and ABC had a right to make its decision.

Should guns be allowed in houses of worship? Conventional wisdom suggests that should be up to the churches. But many people - even those who carry, openly or concealed - aren't comfortable with the notion.

Love of self, of possessions, even of church, the law and Scripture for its own sake, will not supplant the selfless love of God and our neighbor as the one true cornerstone of our faith.

I’ll be standing for the anthem when I hear it. But, even more so, I stand for the right — and the responsibility — of all Americans to oppose injustice and defend equality.

Last week, newspapers across the state were inundated with breathless "I-told-you-so" press releases from legislators who wished to confirm what Oklahomans have known since time out of mind: Our government is rife with mismanagement.

Although a number of disingenuous Oklahoma lawmakers continue using their offices to further their own agendas, some are taking seriously their roles as public servants. State Rep. Marcus McEntire's legislation to protect the elderly and at-risk adults is a case in point.

In case you have been vacationing on another planet, or perhaps you have just climbed out of winter hibernation after spending the past several months in a cave, or maybe you just left your stint as a cloistered nun, a wedding of note took place Saturday.

I’ve always been interested in place names — how cities and towns, even small hamlets across the United States, were named.

Oklahoma's public school system has been struggling, our highways are in bad shape, and new industry is shying away because of draconian policies. The state's residents are in poor health and many are obese; our teen pregnancy rate is high; and we have too many meth and opioid addicts. Poverty, especially that of children, is rampant.

When it comes to American cities offering the widest array of experience a visitor can enjoy in a span of a few days, New Orleans probably takes the cake. In this case, a King Cake. That's a colorful concoction associated in The Big Easy with the Mardis Gras celebration. A small plastic doll, representing baby Jesus, is tucked inside, and whoever scores this trinket is accorded a privileged status.

In April, the public school teachers of Oklahoma handed the state legislature the biggest gift any lawmaker could ever ask for; a special moment in time. Our teachers demanded pay raises for themselves, pay raises for school district support staff, more money dedicated to the classroom, and a surprise demand; pay raises for state employees. The perfect moment in time for the Oklahoma State Legislature to collectively band together as one and achieve all of these things and one more very real thing the teachers did not ask for: REFORM.

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