Larry Larkin

How many of you have played the game “20 Questions”? One player thinks of a person real or imaginary that both contestants would know. The opposite player has 20 yes or no questions to name the person.

Sometimes it is rather easy. Other times it is most difficult. Win or lose, it is a fun way to pass time without using all the computer type devices.

We can’t play the game here, but…I do have a few questions concerning past days in Claremore. The answers are out there. Here goes…

What happen to the large letters WILL ROGERS HOTEL that hung on the southwest corner of the building?

Where was the last Claremore pay phone in use? And where was it located?

When did we quit wearing our Sunday best clothes to church?

Do you remember when all the downtown businesses stayed open late for customers on Thursday night? It was all the way to 8 p.m.

When did families decide they had to own more than one automobile?

What happened to all the glass pop bottles that were collected and returned for two cents each?

Why did drug stores do away with the soda fountains?

Does anyone remember when young people knew the first names of all the business owners and clerks…Mr. and Mrs.?

Why were cabooses taken away? It was the main fun watching a train passing through town because the viewer could always depend on a wave from the conductor in the window.

Larry Larkin is a columnist contributing to the Claremore Progress.