The Bush administration has done more damage to Americans and more harm to America’s reputation than any other administration in history. Yet, a majority of Republicans still support Bush. This tells much about blind party loyalty.

By encouraging the move offshore of American jobs and manufacturing, Bush has run up tremendous trade deficits that have undermined the world’s confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency. Recently, both Chinese and Russian government officials warned of the dollar’s shaky status. The fall in confidence in the dollar is evidenced by the sharp run-up in the price of gold. In January 2001, the price of gold was about $240 per ounce. Today, the price is $660 per ounce.

The price of gasoline has risen from around $1.30 per gallon to over $3.00. Obviously, Bush’s war in the Middle East did not ensure the oil supply.

On Bush’s watch, 3 million U.S. manufacturing jobs have disappeared. Tens of thousands of highly qualified U.S. engineers have lost their employment. U.S. job growth has fallen 6 million to 7 million jobs behind population growth. Recent college graduates are employed as waitresses and bartenders.

Illegal immigration has continued to explode. While Bush spends $1 trillion and many lives trying to control borders in the Middle East, America’s borders remain undefended and overrun. Bush advocates amnesty for the illegals who have invaded America, while Bush invades distant countries.

On false pretenses, Bush invaded Iraq, a country that comprised no threat to America. American high explosives have devastated Iraq and its infrastructure, and killed at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians -- people to whom Bush claims to be bringing freedom and democracy.

Not content with the uncontrollable mayhem he has brought to Iraq, Bush hopes to expand the catastrophe by attacking Iran. The U.S. secretary of state, sounding like the warmonger she is, says the United States may ignore the United Nations and attack Iran on its own initiative. This would be the second time that the Bush administration initiated a war of aggression -- war crimes under the Nuremburg standard established by the United States.

Bush claims that he is a higher authority than both U.S. law and international law. In the past, U.S. presidents vetoed laws with which they disagreed. Bush signs the laws and ignores them.

Bush has declared himself to be the sole judge of the limits of his powers -- a claim that violates Bush’s oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Bush has set aside the Bill of Rights by detaining people indefinitely without charges, by kidnapping and torturing people, and by spying on Americans without warrants. These are actions that are illegal under law, as well as unconstitutional. All of these violations of law and the Constitution are serious impeachable offenses.

Yet, Congress is supine as the Bush regime exercises dictatorial powers. The exercise of these dictatorial powers by the executive is a far greater danger to American liberty than are Muslim terrorists.

Bush’s apologists claim that only terrorists have anything to fear. However, unaccountable executive power is inconsistent with free societies. America is no exception. Unless Bush is impeached and turned over to the war crimes court in the Hague, Americans will never reclaim their liberties from an executive branch that has established itself as the sole judge of the limits of its powers.

The Bush regime’s practice of excessive secrecy and denial of information to Congress allows it to avoid judicial review of its power claims. Bush ignores Congress and evades the courts.

When President Richard Nixon made excessive claims for presidential powers, principled Republicans revolted and helped to bring down Nixon. Today’s Republicans are loyal only to power. They have no principles. By supporting Bush, Republicans are bringing down America.

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