We have added another specimen to our doomsday collection of Bad Stuff, or BS for short.

The feds got their men at Enron. Another gang of potbellied, thin-haired white boys bit the dust. Guilty for lying, thieving and living high.

What has the world come to? Can’t anybody have any fun anymore?

If this be the profile for financial crime, then the innocents of Congress must join hair clubs and commence regimens of sit-ups immediately.

Whilst corporate types take a lickin’, a fountain, a geyser, a volcano of BS spews forth from the elected class.

We need a wall, much as the president has proposed, not a politician’s border promise, but an impenetrable curtain around the capital itself to keep the executive, legislative and judicial branches out of the Land of Oz from whence they do us harm.

Conveniently, this puts them out in the sticks with the populace, and there, my little pretties, we might more easily get our hands around their plump necks.

First, we must identify them.

I volunteer.

I scour the science literature looking for their species — carrion flies, flotsam, pie plants — but nothing in the higher orders will do.

Yet, we nail the low-life Enron boys for accounting fraud. They lied about the numbers. Dime store crooks. Had they aimed for Fort Knox, all might be candidates for Congress and president, too.

Consider a single piece of evidence.

Our politicians and press promote and publish a number called the federal budget deficit. “Eager to discourage negative market activity,” they hide the real number from a “dumbed-down U.S. populace.”

The quotes come from John Williams at Shadow Government Statistics. He is nicer than I am. That’s why I’m quoting him.

“Dumbed-down” is the national goal. Who needs smart cattle and cannon fodder?

Aside from the 20 million to 30 million enlightened illegal aliens we have now, if the silver-spooned leeches in the U.S. Senate prevail, in the next 20 years we will have 100 million to 150 million more — tomorrow’s welfare class.

As for natives, thanks to government schools pushing the crucial subjects of diversity and self-esteem, Americans who finish college today know almost as much as their forebears knew after eighth grade. We now get a high school education by the end of graduate school. But the government continues working on that. Tomorrow, a doctorate will be required.

But the budget deficit is real simple. It was not the number politicians and the press touted for 2005 — $318.5 billion, which was BS enough — but was almost 10 times that. You can find it in the 2005 Financial Report of the United States Government. It is our annual report, 154 pages, its heft befitting our government’s opinion of itself. Evidently, few people read it.

As an aside, let’s dismiss the fiction that the feds ran a surplus under Clinton. This government has not had a balanced budget, let alone a surplus, for 40 years. Politicians know it. The populace does not.

I will submit some numbers here, just a few, rounded off.

The report shows the federal government had revenue of $2.18 trillion in 2005. It spent $2.94 trillion. Alert readers will notice that appears to be a $760 billion deficit, more than twice the widely reported $318.5 billion.

The smaller number comes from the scam of adding Social Security taxes into revenue but not accounting for ever-rising Social Security liabilities.

The bigger number reflects the deficit as it would appear if the government did its books the way it requires businesses, including Enron, to do theirs.

Further, if we add the annual increase in net present value of those liabilities, including Medicare, the budget deficit was $3 trillion in 2005.

Read it yourself on pages 37, 40, 42 and 43.

So, the government brought in $2.18 trillion, spent it all, then borrowed and cooked the books to put us all on the hook for $3 trillion more. In ONE YEAR!

This “far exceeds the scope of corporate account wrongdoing.” That’s Williams again. Nice guy.

Let me rephrase it.

Enron pikers may go to jail, but if justice be done, what then for the buzzards gorging themselves on the carcass of all America? What then for our elected thieves and liars?

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