So who will you be pulling for tonight?

Finally, the final college football game of the 2008 season is set to be played. Oklahoma will take on Florida for the National Championship. For the time being whoever wins this game should lay claim to the title and be able to say “We’re No. 1” until this fall, when teams line up and start all over again.

When championship time rolls around it is my sincere belief conference members should be pulling for members of their own conference.

South of the border people who favor burnt orange will be overtly pulling for Florida to win the game. Longhorn fans believe deep in their hearts they should be playing in Miami tonight instead of Oklahoma. If it wasn’t for computers, maybe they would be. They hope Florida ekes a win out and throws the scramble for who is number one into a my dog is bigger than your dog contest.

Sooner fans wants their team to win and do so decisively so there is no question about who is at the top of the heap. They also want to remove the monkey off Coach Bob Stoops shoulders about not being able to win the big game.

Ironically, a theater in Stillwater will be showing the game in 3D. People from across the country are driving to Oklahoma State country to watch the Sooners in the championship game.

Who has a dog in the fight tonight?

Some of my colleagues have openly said they will be rooting from the Gators come game time. They have roots in the Deep South and relatives who might disown them if they don’t cheer on Florida.

By and large, most of my colleagues will be chanting Boomer Sooner throughout the day and into the night.

I wore my red pinstripe shirt today to pay homage to the Sooners. Honestly, I don’t normally root for them. As a kid, I remember the days of Bud Wilkinson and how he transformed the Sooners into a powerhouse running team that couldn’t be stopped. Everyone outside of Oklahoma grew to dislike Bud and his Sooners. Growing up in Arkansas, we had a distinct dislike for the Oklahoma. Apparently some of that heritage has stuck with me.

However, I have matured in my outlook toward them and tonight I will be hoping they win and win big.

The rivalries we develop throughout the years must be overlooked when it comes to a championship game.

Unlike the year Kansas played Oklahoma for the NCAA basketball title in Kansas City, OU isn’t playing someone from their conference. It should be a matter of pride for every Big 12 member. We know it’s not that way for many, especially those in Longhorn Land.

I hope the overnight ratings for the game will go through the roof and Oklahomans will not only watch the game but be solidly behind the Sooners.

Why can’t the Big 12 share the love tonight? The conference will share in something, money whether OU wins or loses. What’s good for the Sooners will be good from the entire state and the conference. We get national exposure and bragging rights from a victory.

Boomer Sooner!

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