Oklahoma quarterback Rhett Bomar, who turns 21 on July 2, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol. The star Sooner athelete reportedly was nabbed while sipping beer from a paper cup during an Oklahoma City professional basketball game.

We are normally against the consumption of alcoholic beverage at any age, and profoundly against underage drinking, but the Bomar case borders on the ridiculous.

The young man is only a month away from being able to legally purchase 3.2 beer in Oklahoma, but is two years older than the minimum age to be shipped off to Iraq to fight for his country.

Thousands of young people — younger than Bomar— have given their lives fighting for their country, and many more thousands have returned maimed and crippled for the rest of their lives, yet in Oklahoma they aren’t old enough to sip beer from a paper cup.

Bomar, who set an Oklahoma freshman record for passing yards last season, was cited by Oklahoma City police in March by an undercover police officer who spotted him taking beer from friends, pouring it into a cup and then drinking it at a New Orleans Hornets' basketball game at the Ford Center.

We can’t help but wonder why an undercover officer was observing this young man, anyway.