Having bungled the job, House Speaker Todd Hiett should immediately resign his leadership post and continue his full-time campaign for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.

Alert GOP colleagues, meeting in secret, designated Rep. Lance Cargill of Harrah as choice for Speaker should the party retain control of the lower House of the Legislature, which is almost a certainty.

Although a first term lawmaker, Cargill lacks the abusive baggage that has propelled the 100th Oklahoma into a special session because of Hiett’s inability to come to terms with a budget that takes effect in fewer than three weeks.

Oklahoma government’s budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1 is almost $7 billion. Those public servants strapped with getting the most for the taxpayers’ buck are stymied.

Despite generously blaming the Senate for its part in the stalemate, a heap of guilt sets squarely on Hiett. Personally, that belligerent attitude has triggered large donations of money from wealth interests who see Hiett as the champion in preserving their wealth and advantage.

Cargill is a conservative. But, trained in law Vanderbilt University, the Harrah freshman who bills himself as “business attorney” knows that reasonable compromise is a basic element of human progress.

Hiett simply has missed that point.

Certainly, Hiett would make a mess of the executive branch if elected as lieutenant governor. His record should make that clear. Worse yet, the lieutenant governor also is president of the state senate with the tie-breaking vote.

Cargill, while never really tested and surely uninitiated, at least does not bear the burden of animosity that Hiett has built up in his quarrels with the Senate leadership.

We wish him good luck in his new leadership post.