Money managers visited members of the Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority Board this week. They are asking the Authority to be play a financial role in major capital improvement initiatives that will impact Claremore High School and Northeast Technology Center.

The sketchy information brought to the public meeting indicates a building committee at the high school are dreaming up something big for Claremore Schools that could include major athletic facility upgrades, a new elementary and other building improvements. The plans are already on the drawing board.

Of course, school district voters will be asked to approve such a deal. Tentative dates for a vote will most likely be this fall.

Northeast Technology Center’s West Campus project will not require a vote of the people since they already receive the necessary ad valorem support. CIEDA’s financial role will simply jumpstart the Claremore project.

The dollar amounts will be significant. Proponents claim the education, quality of life and economic benefits will also be significant.

The question that comes to mind has nothing to do with the merits of investing in education, usually education is a slam dunk. We are wondering why the City Council is not more aggressively pursuing CIEDA resources to address pressing town issues such as train topics, transportation woes and commerce concerns.