State Senator Kenneth Corn (Poteau) is a conservative Democratic who wants to make certain that state government does not over spend based on rosy projections of energy prices.

Corn has authored Senate Joint Resolution 5 which calls for the State Equalization Board to certify gross production projections based upon a 10-year average of gross production tax revenue actually collected. His resolution, which would go to a vote of the people, limits legislative appropriation of revenue above that average to one time expenditures such as highways or other capital improvements.

With gasoline now dipping under $2 a gallon at times and the price of natural gas falling, Corn’s measure should be given every consideration.

For the legislature which already had a massive tax cut last year which has not been fully implemented to spend money based on inflated projections for gross production tax would be extremely irresponsible.

Corn who began his education at Carl Albert State College and was elected to the legislature in his early 20's continued his education at the University of Oklahoma gaining a bachelor’s degree. It is apparent that the young Senator paid attention to Oklahoma history by studying the boom and bust of the 80's. Corn’s conservative measure ought to be fully debated in the legislature.