Fortunately on the American scene, there sometimes arise a gifted leader capable of mastering times of transition, filling growing public needs and choosing answers to great challenges.

The history of the United States, Oklahoma and in the neighborhoods of Claremore, Rogers and Mayes counties is replete with such figures.

Stratton Taylor, grocery sacker with a strong mind, filled such a role from humble bootstrap beginnings in 1979 until now. Taylor is now at the end of a highly successful legislative career.

Equally promising for the 2006 scene and decades beyond is the emergence of Sean Burrage, an energetic and visionary candidate to replace Taylor as state senator for the two county senatorial district.

Burrage is no ordinary person. He is an angular, affable family man who knows the pressures, the possibilities and the pitfalls that face not only this senate district, but Oklahoma as a whole.

Trained by two of the state’s greatest contemporary leaders, David Boren and Stratton Taylor, Burrage comes from a family that rose from poverty to high achievement.

Sean Burrage personally owns great natural talents of leadership; rare wisdom and passion for far-sighted planning.

When Sean Burrage walks into a room, everyone notices.

A sensible and thinking public never should expect miracles from any mortal man. However, in Sean Burrage, the full potential of greatness and vision has prepared him for stalwart leadership and honest good government progress beyond most hopes and expectations.

Quietly, this dedicated family man, husband and father has taken time to exert bright counsel and timely leadership into the Claremore and regional culture and general public arenas. Sean Burrage never shirks duty.

The test of wisdom for voters in Mayes and Rogers Counties comes November 7 when the name “Sean Burrage” is offered as candidate for State Senate District Two.

Providence has again delivered the individual, the vision, the intellect and the fortitude of a new publicly-elected leader. Sean Burrage deserves acclamation.

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