President George W. Bush has made an excellent choice in re-nominating Gregory K. Frizzell for the vacant U.S. District judgeship in the Northern District of Oklahoma.

Frizzell who has strong Claremore ties (his mother and father live here and his brothers and sisters graduated from Oologah-Talala Public Schools) has most recently been a presiding judge in Tulsa County. While in that position, Frizzell gained the respect of lawyers representing both individuals and companies for his common sense, even handed, approach to following the law. A personable man with young children, Frizzell won’t become a federal judge that attempts to make the law, but will be one that interprets it.

Frizzell also understands that the Northern District, which is comprised of Tulsa and the counties to the northeast, is not made up of Tulsa alone. Frizzell will be the kind of federal judge who will make certain that lawyers in the outlying counties are on important advisory committees in the Northern District.

Frizzell was the general counsel for the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and was sponsored by former President Pro Tempore Senator Stratton Taylor in that position when he was appointed by former Governor Frank Keating to state district judge.

That is an example of the respect that so many have for Frizzell. He was once sponsored by Democrat Stratton Taylor, appointed by former Republican Governor Frank Keating, and now has the approval of Republican Senator Jim Inhofe for a federal judgeship.

He will make an excellent judge!