First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. We’re not encouraging drinking, BUT, there is interesting news coming out of Krebs, Oklahoma. Krebs, long known as the Italian capital of Oklahoma, is now the location of the Choc Beer Company which is brewing the traditional Choc beer, Miner’s Light, and a new one called The Basement Batch Pale Ale.

What’s big news for folks with a memory is that it is now legal. For years when you went to the famous restaurant, Pete’s Place, you had to either go with a local or know someone in order to receive a tumbler of the Choc Beer.

Pete’s Place, which is without question, the most famous Italian restaurant in the state, was begun by Pietro (Pete) Piegari who changed his name to Prichard. Pete’s became famous for spaghetti, fried chicken, and beer, Oklahoma style. Pete’s son, Joe, now continues the tradition and has added the brewery given that Oklahoma has liberalized its liquor laws.

So, congratulations to Joe Prichard, who is a friend of Claremore restauranteur Bill Biard, on continuing the family tradition. The next time you’re heading south, stop by Krebs and go to Pete’s Place for the pasta and, if you’re so inclined, his newest product.