Oklahoma State Representative Mike Reynolds (R-Oklahoma City), recently announced he was proposing a law to put in place the prior Oklahoma law banning abortion which was in effect prior to the United State Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. With honorable people on both sides of the issue, it seems like this is the time to go one step further.

If the Supreme Court does indeed revisit Row v. Wade and ultimately makes a decision that allows states to determine abortion policy, why not let the citizens of Oklahoma make the decision?

Oklahomans vote on a number of things. In recent years they voted on whether or not to elect a labor commissioner, whether or not to allow a state lottery, and whether or not to allow Indian gaming. They have also voted on tax policy and a whole host of other minor issues including cockfighting.

If Oklahomans can vote on those, then surely something as important and personal as abortion should be at the top of the list and that policy should be enshrined — one way or the other — in the Oklahoma Constitution. Putting it in the Oklahoma Constitution, if the Supreme Court acts, would once and for all remove the issue from political grand standing. In recent years, both parties have used the abortion issue to rally the base rather than to have a meaningful discussion on the subject.

So, while Representative Reynolds has an idea, he can improve upon it by letting the citizens vote.