Moderates needed

What is it about the extreme right and extreme left? Neither ever seems to get the message.

Brad Henry should be a shoo-in for re-election. He has proven himself to be a moderate, and bi-partisan. Do any of the other state or national candidates know how pleasing that is to the average voter?

The Republican choices for governor are pathetic. Ernest Istook is a bigoted blunderbuss and a bore. Bob Sullivan, who strives to come across as a Mr. Clean, has aligned himself with Grover Norquist, the tainted Washington lobbyist and bosom buddy of convicted crook Jack Abramoff.

On the national scene John McCain is the only Republican who projects a semblance of moderation. Unfortunately, no Democrat yet mentioned does.

Al Gore is not electable. He is indecisive, inconsistent and off-the-wall and a knee-jerk leftist.

John Kerry is a blundering, marry-rich Ivy League elitist, and his former running mate, John Edwards, is a slick personal injury lawyer who got too rich too soon to be trusted.

Hillary Clinton is probably the smartest of the bunch, but a long-time left-winger. She now tries too hard to appear moderate. Besides that, a vast number of women voters of both parties hate her with a passion.

To ever be successful again, Democrats will have change its message and find a brilliant and bonafied moderate to carry it’s banner.

If Republicans want to remain successful, they will stop persecuting the moderates in their party, and start representing the people rather than billion-dollar corporations.

Hopefully one party or the other will field an acceptable set of candidates. The country needs it.