Misnaming its venture as “prosperity project,” the state chamber of commerce has pitched Claremore businesses about encouraging voter turn-out by employers who support an agenda serving the richest, most selfish sector of Oklahoma citizenry.

The agenda, preached by the wife of the hired president of the state chamber, runs in close harmony with the right wing of the Republican Party. If labor unions were using the same forums to pitch their agenda of fair wages, equal opportunity for workers, health care benefits and safe work places, the state chamber would be the first to howl “foul.”

In the pitch to local chamber members, Mrs. Dick (Kris) Rush, working for a so-called non partisan group jointly funded by the state lobby group, notes that 11 of 32 open seats in the Legislature are “within commuting distance of Claremore.”

She pitches for candidates who embrace seven initiatives that she said would make Oklahoma “business friendly.” In fact, Oklahoma already is “business friendly” and has one of the most attractive tax bases in the nation.

With the Rushes in the fray, Republicans are using the chamber as a new low profile way to beat down minimum wage, good schools, fair financing for higher education, public health services and pro-growth infrastructure such as safe roads, bridges and highways.

In fact, they want the agenda heavily weighed to favor the very rich, their country clubs, private schools and special privileges.

While it claims to be bi-partisan, the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce is highly opinionated and working for an economy where the rich get richer and the middle class sinks to bottom.

Voters should beware. Vote for the best candidate. Know them. Support them.

Most important, don’t let the state chamber dictate the issues, or the candidate.

Think, voters, think.

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