Andrew Rice is a newly elected senator from central Oklahoma City. The articulate Harvard educated senator was recently Senator Sean Burrage’s guest in our community. He was introduced to the Will Rogers Memorial, J.M. Davis Gun Museum, Rogers State University, and other important institutions in our area.

Rice, who was has been compared to a young John F. Kennedy by other newspapers, was on his first visit to Claremore. He along with Burrage, Tom Ivester, and John Sparks represents a new generation of young state senators committed to moving Oklahoma forward.

Rice is neither liberal nor conservative but pragmatic. Having him in Claremore is an indication of the respect that Burrage’s colleagues have for him and it is important that statewide leaders come to our area as often as possible.

This is a community that disproportionately thrives off of state government. With a state-supported Veterans Center, University, two museums and a new career tech campus, it is clear that Claremore needs influence at the State Capitol.

Just as Representative Tad Jones has on a regular basis brought House leaders to Claremore, so, too, Burrage is now demonstrating his understanding of that importance.

With Jones well positioned in the house and Burrage having extraordinary influence as a freshman senator, you can expect to see bright young stars like Andrew Rice come to Claremore on a regular basis.