To paraphrase Mark Twain, everybody talks about the high price of gas, but nobody does anything about it. Let’s take a rational view of the problem.

It does not have to be that way. We can all do a little something about the price once we have reached conclusion that the energy giants will not be taking care of the problem for us.

It is a fact that costs to the consumer is based on supply and demand. There is little, if anything, we can do about the supply, but we can do something about the demand, mainly by using less gasoline.

And there are many ways for us to do that.

• Don’t make unnecessary trips. Plan your errands in advance so that you are not driving back and forth to town several times a day. Most of us are guilty of that more than we realize.

• If you need to go only a couple of blocks for any purpose, leave the car in park and walk, or take a short bike ride. The exercise will do you good.

• Car pool for those trips to and from work, especially if you live in Rogers County and work in Owasso or Tulsa.

• Slow down. A steady 55 or 60 mph takes less gasoline than 75 and 80 --- will get you there almost as quickly, and more safely.

• And back to the supply and demand rule. Try not to keep your tank full. If every gas take in America was filled to only half, think how much use of the supply would be cut. If everyone kept their tanks only half full for a week, the oil companies would have so much gas backing up on them they wouldn’t know where to put it.

And wouldn’t that be a satisfying feeling?