Claremore’s state Senator Stratton Taylor was placed number one in the Oklahoma Observer newspaper’s list of the Top Ten Best lawmakers for 2006. Editor Frosty Troy chose Taylor for his tenacious and successful effort in gaining a $3,000 across-the-board pay increase for public school teachers.

“The term-limited Claremore Democrat led a quiet but determined revolt among Senate Democrats, angry that their leadership would let House Republicans again write the budget for the rich against labor, and for Gov. Brad Henry’s sorry $1,200 pay hike for teachers,” the Observer editor, wrote.

“As a result, it was the Senate this year — not Henry, not (Speaker Todd) Hiett, but the Democratic majority that wrote the budget, infuriating Hiett, the armpit of the Republican Party and a toady for the reactionary State Chamber,” wrote Troy. “Bravo, Stratton Taylor, bravo.”