Gov. Brad Henry’s acquiescence to the liberal, self-serving position of House Speaker Todd Hiett rightfully offended the fiscally conservative Senate Democrats.

The issue is money. Does the State of Oklahoma tilt toward the rich and powerful at the expense of children, safe roads and sound infrastructure?

Republican Hiett, with new-founded help from Henry, strikes a liberal position of giving money to the rich at the expense of Oklahoma’s current progress and future prosperity.

Senate Democrats hold the fiscally conservative and visionary position that fairly-paid teachers, safe roads and sound infrastructure paves a solid future for all Oklahomans, not just a select few.

In an election year, with Hiett raising record money for his campaign for lieutenant governor, Senate Democrats endanger their own leadership role by facing down the left-leaning House of Representative.

Oklahoma’s oil and gas-rich owners have jumped to Hiett’s liberal commands in hopes of massive tax savings. Those so-called savings in fact rob from children and undermine the fiscal stability of Oklahoma government of tomorrow.

Senate President Pro Tem Mike Morgan’s square jaw opposition to the leftward slinking positions of the House majority led by Hiett has support from veteran Democratic senators who recall the dark days of Oklahoma finance.

Oil bubbles burst. The over-40 crowd remembers the 1980s. Cutting income taxes just because fossil fuels are temporarily producing unprecedented tax revenues demands prudence and wisdom, not extravagance of pointy-head, briefcase wielding political pseudo-cons of the Heitt ilk.

The wise, truly fiscal conservatives of the Senate deserve unswerving support from the middle-class, poor and less fortunate majority of Oklahoma.

Will the liberal position of Hiett hold sway? Unfortunately, Gov. Henry’s cave-in smells an awful lot like election year fodder that, alas, too often fools the masses.

Senator Morgan is right on to stand up to the governor, and the Kellyville toadie. We implore him to stick with it.

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