The Oklahoma Legislature did get some things done during the recently almost completed session. It managed to provide some funds, although not nearly enough, for repairing selected state bridges, passed the governor’s Achieving Classroom Excellence legislation, approved a Medicaid reform bill, and passed bills that tighten bail regulations and reform the child-welfare system.

They approved their share of Republican feel-good bills,

such as one that makes some sex offenders eligible for the

death penalty.

But a budget? Couldn’t get that done.

Republicans in the Senate seemingly want to give every dime of the $1 billion surplus to the state’s wealthiest citizens — and most likely contributors to Republican candidates. This puts them at odds with the Democrat controlled Senate which wants to blow the money on education, health care, road and bridge construction, prisons, and other such wasteful items.

Due to manipulations by a southern Oklahoma oil baron working in concert with the Daily Oklahoman, the most experienced member of the next regular legislature will have only 10 years on the job.

Welcome lobbyists.

For good citizens of Oklahoma, it may time to turn out the lights and follow our school teachers out of state.