For Randy Baldridge

As voters know, an indictment by the Republican U. S. Attorney in Tulsa hangs over District Three County Commissioner Randy Baldridge. But even though a Democrat, Baldridge is “innocent until proven guilty.”

Meanwhile Baldridge faces re-election on November 7. What a sordid and clouded situation Baldridge and voters face.

A short while after the election, a jury of his peers will hear the evidence that led to the indictments.

If the jury agrees with the charges and convicts Baldridge, he would immediately resign and the governor would call for a special election to fill the position. That would assure that a majority of the voters of District 3 would not have have been disenfranchised by federal interference. And it would be the American way!

In fact, during his term as county commissioner, the hard work and dedication of Baldridge has been impressive.

The charges against him include information given by his own suspected employees who were granted federal immunity, which smacks of political dirty work. Baldridge’s past record is clean. His main accusers cannot say that. Surely the jury will be able to see through the muck.

This newspaper hopes that during his trial, Baldridge has counsel drawing pay equal to the squads of federal investigators and employees of the Republican federal district attorney. The right to a fair trial is imperative and that means matching dollars for both the prosecutor and the defenders.

Meanwhile, voters of Claremore, Tiawah, Verdigris and Inola within District Three should re-elect Randy Baldridge on November 7. As stated, under the American jurisprudence system, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

This newspaper feels that the Republican U. S. Attorney still has a lot to prove.

For Baldridge to lose his position because charges are pending is cruel and unusual punishment before any charges against him are proven.

Because this newspaper believes in the justice system, we endorse the re-election of Randy Baldridge.

For Dan DeLozier

For two decades, Dan DeLozier has been a key, faithful and very competent employee of retiring District One Rogers County Commissioner Gerry Payne.

DeLozier deservedly won the Democratic nomination for a place on the November 7 general election ballot.

Winning that primary race proved that the nearly 30,000 patrons in District One recognized the loyal and professional services that DeLozier so selflessly performed during the past twenty years.

Holding the confidence of residents in Chelsea, Foyil and parts of Claremore is a commendable accomplishment, for these voters are thinking folks who value their ballot and want the best possible public servants.

As one of three commissioners who govern Roger County’s business affairs, DeLozier is strongly familiar with the details, the need for transparency in dealings and for total accountability on the spending of taxpayers’ dollars.

DeLozier is a fiscal conservative with a swelling dedication to fulfill the needs of the taxpayers.

In short, DeLozier is a well qualified candidate to formulate budgets, oversee spending, coordinate with the various city governments of the county, take full advantage of federal programs, and help enrich the schools of the area.

Replacing Gerry Payne on the commission is a tough challenge. Payne’s choice of DeLozier as a key aide serves as the best endorsement that a candidate could receive. For DeLozier, 41, county service has been the career choice of his life.

This newspaper, sharing this confidence and respecting the preparedness for the position, endorses the election of Dan DeLozier as District One Commissioner of Oklahoma’s finest county — Rogers!

The old curmudgeon

Senate Democratic House leader Harry Reid converted campaign funds to his personal use, it was disclosed as National Character Counts Week reached its midpoint, which was shortly after he amended his ethics reports to Congress to account for previously unreported business dealings in $1.1 million Las Vegas land deal.

Well what the heck, we can’t expect the Republicans to handle all of the corruption in Washington by themselves.

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