The youth of Claremore — at least the ones talking — feel there are very few options for positive entertainment in Claremore and Rogers County. With the demise of cruising main street, as in generations past, and the advent of the Internet and online connectivity, many of today’s teens who call this area home are now “out of sight, out of mind.”

That’s not necessarily a good thing.

Law enforcement and court officials keep talking about the need for an alternative detention center in the county, based on the number of youth who are finding “something to do” — but not always the best choice for them, their families and the greater community.

On the other hand, the newly organized Empowered Youth Rogers County Leadership Council is suggesting there may be a more positive response to the problem — a Teen Center for area youth.

Right now, the City and volunteer groups provide organized youth sports leagues, once-a-month youth nights at the Community Center and limited access to the Recreation Center (all with a price attached). While good, these efforts may not be enough.

So, good luck kids. We’re waiting to hear more about your suggested solutions and your opinions on options.