Dear Editor

On Saturday night, May 23, a tragic thing happened in Claremore. A group of firefighters were called to help evacuate the residents of the Archer Street apartments whose homes were being flooded. One of the firefighters, Jason Farley, accidentally stepped into a flooded drainage ditch and was swept into a storm drain and lost his life.

Another firefighter, Zane James, went in after Jason in an attempt to save him. He was also swept into the storm drain and almost lost his life as well. It was a miracle he survived!

This incident points out the dangers our firefighters face in the line of duty at any given moment. Jason Farley was a veteran firefighter, a young husband and father, who sacrificed his life in an attempt to help others whose lives and possessions were being threatened by raging floodwaters. Jason Farley and Zane James deserve the highest honor and praise this community can heap upon them.

I would like to propose that Archer Street be renamed and called “Farley Road” in honor of this brave young man who lost his life trying to help and protect the citizens of this community when they faced a desperate situation.

Curtis Owens


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