Dear Editor:

The Transatlantic and Transpacific Trade Partnerships President Obama is asking Congress to approve via an unconstitutional “legal” tool called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) impose executive branch regulations on Congress. It is pure usurpation of power!

The Constitution grants exclusive privilege to Congress to regulate “commerce with foreign nations.” The executive branch doesn’t share power. It carries it out.

TPA, once understood, is the executive branch’s Sword of Damocles hanging over Congress to approve trade deals on a “fast track” basis. It may be fast. But it is dangerous!

The TTIP and TTP deals will lock us into a “convergence” of economies with the EU and a Pacific 10-nation bloc, which may include China and Russia.

TTIP and TTP are shrouded in secrecy. We don’t know if states’ rights and gun rights will be regulated out of existence. We don’t know if a one-child policy and EU-style liberal immigration policies will be imposed on us.

Where are the jobs the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement was supposed to create?

NAFTA and the proposed TTIP and TTP “deals” are engines of bureaucracy. They devour jobs. Rules and regulations favor one business over another. Big corporations are favored.

Smaller companies get a bad rap already from D.C.

Are sovereignty-diminishing entangling alliances in our future?

If you disagree with the “free trade agenda” consortium contact your House member and the U.S. Senators who represent Oklahoma.

Lee Gonzales


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