In support of the American people and her laws and in protest against the blatant betrayal by our politicians, let’s make the country stop still!

If possible, and it does not endanger your job, do not go to work on June 14. Do not shop or even buy gas! We are 300 million, the illegals are but 12 million and the politicians have bent over backwards to kiss their collective rears.

This national walk-out is not a protest rally in the streets or banner waving, it is a show of strength, real strength. The economic damage on Corporate America and the government is exactly the point we need to make.

Corporate America and the politicians are not listening to us. They are not reading our faxes or e-mails or taking our phone calls. They are continuing with their traitorous “sell out as usual” policies while we foot the bill.

The illegals and their supporters had their day, May Day (a communist day).

We have Flag Day. This day should be a national holiday at any rate, and many companies have expressed support for the idea in that it shows patriotism.

This is in direct contrast with those companies that allowed a day off for their illegal workers with no punishment whatsoever. Very few illegals actually lost their jobs on the (communistic) May Day boycott unfortunately.

However, since legal workers are entitled to sick leave a one day walkout in the vast majority of cases and with patriotic employers will not result in job loss. If you believe your employer is unpatriotic or you can’t call in sick then don’t do it, but otherwise yes by all means don’t show up for work or shop on June 14th!

Let’s do it!

Alfred D. Erdmann, Claremore


to police


I recently attended the Citizen Police Academy that is sponsored and taught by members of the Claremore Police Department. I encourage and strongly recommend that everyone take this course. It is very enlightening and a real “eye-opener”.

I would like to thank the Citizen Police Academy Instructors for the many countless hours you dedicated to helping Citizens understand and experience Police service in Claremore, Oklahoma. I realize that I have experienced just a small taste of the duties and responsibilities that are part of your everyday commitment to our community. Your dedication and enthusiasm are a true testament to the passion you have for this program and your job. I truly appreciate all the experiences you have made possible and all the times you did without sleep in order to educate us.

I appreciate all the resources you made available and brought to our attention and the practical experiences were outstanding! I want to say a “Special Thanks” to Captain Stan Brown for his vision and insight in the program. I believe this is an exceptional program and look forward to being involved in its continued success via a “CPA Alumni” program. I would like to see this program grow to the fullest potential possible and would like to continue to be involved with future classes.

Last, but certainly not least, thanks for maintaining law and order in our community and doing your very best to make Claremore a safe and pleasant place to live and for putting your lives on the line to keep us safe and secure. Stay alert and safe as you serve and protect!!! Your “Dedication to Public Service” is very obvious in every one of our classes. We are truly indebted to you for going the extra mile!

Darlene R. Armstrong, Claremore

Political expediency


Two things to remember while listening to the debate surrounding the federal marriage amendment:

One, there’s a war on, for Pete’s sake! You’re wasting your time trying to impose your morals on other people; there are much more important matters that need your attention right now. Where’s Osama? Where’s al-Zarqawi? What do our soldiers need to stay alive and make Iraqi democracy stable? These are the questions we should be focusing on, not whether or not we should pass laws legalizing discrimination against gays.

Two, I can’t help but think about the coincidence of the gay marriage issue only coming up before elections. How many times will the Republican Party get a free pass on this? It should be obvious by now that the republican politicians only care about stopping gay marriage when an election hangs in the balance. Otherwise they couldn’t care less.

How many times do conservative voters have to be duped this way before they realize that the Republicans don’t care about their morals?

Jason Underwood, Tahlequah

Fireworks befitting


I am writing to commend whomever’s idea it was to provide fireworks at Claremore high school’s graduation. I watched the glorious arrangement, and it was awesome.

Yes, it was loud, but so magnificent.

What a wonderful way to celebrate our youth ending one stage of their lives and beginning another; because the are the future of the world. I hope this tradition continues for a long time.

Karen Schwenning, Claremore




I was glad the Union Pacific brought the steam locomotive to Claremore last weekend. When that engine came in it brought back a lot of memories. I had trains as a child, and remember when the steam engines were replaced by diesel. When we lived in Iowa we were only a block from the tracks.

Watching all those old Union Pacific cars, especially the dome car, the “Challenger,” it brought back memories of when I was 8, mom took my brother and I out to California, and we got to ride in the Challenger. I remember looking at the beauty of the countryside from that old car. At one time during that trip a steam engine was hooked onto the diesel, and pulled us for a few miles.

Some day I would like to ride in that old train again.

Loy Hurd, Claremore