The 2006 election is one of the most important in our lifetime. If we vote for supporters of Big Agriculture (Monsanto, Tyson, Cargill etc.) we will enter into the era of corporate Fascism.

These companies have the money and the power to get the USDA, FDA and some of our elected officials to do what is in their best interests (not the public’s). Case in point: The National Animal Identification System. This program (not a law) will benefit the corporate entities and snuff out the small farmer, ranchers, hobby breeders, owners on one or two animals. It includes even if you own only one of horse, goat, sheep, ratite, camilid, poultry, fish, crawdad, anything that can be considered food and will probably be expanded to include our pets. USDA wants this program to become mandatory by Jan.1, 2009 with all premises registered including a GPS address, all animals microchiped or tagged with RFIDs and the owners reporting if an animal leaves the premises for any reason within 24 hours. There will be fines for non-compliance of up to $1,000 a day, and unwarranted inspections.

They say they want to secure the food supply from disease and terrorists. With everyone in the data base (you know how safe they are? Right!) the terrorists will know exactly where to go. The disease angle? All states and the Feds have regulations now that trace back disease very efficiently, why burden the people with more regs, taxes and fees for another bureaucracy?

To find out more please come to Chupps Auction Saturday, Aug. 5th on Hwy 412 and NS 426. This location is about half way between Inola and Chouteau. Also, the Granny Warriors will be there with all the program details from the Standards to the Strategic Plan for you to read and articles how similar programs have affected other countries.

Georg Ann Mundis, DVM, Inola

An honest person


I went to Wal-Mart (last week) to have my car serviced, and while I waited I went inside to get my blood pressure checked. I laid my billfold on the machine, took my pressure, then got up and walked off -- leaving my billfold.

When I went pay for some items I intended to purchase, I discovered I did not have the billfold, which had all my cash, checkbook, drivers license, Medicare card, pictures and my medical alert card in it.

I went all over asking about a lost billfold, and no one had seen it at that time. Of course I was concerned, and had no money to pay for anything. I called the bank to close my account.

I am a senior citizen and have the “sometimes problem.”

Well, some honest person found my billfold and turned it in at the pharmacy, which in turn called me at home. I was almost in tears from relief, and told them they had some very dear, honest customers, and just how much I appreciated all involved.

I want to publicly thank the person who was so honest to do what they did. This letter is the only way I know how to do so. Thanks so much, and may God bless you abundantly. I pray for your happiness although I don’t know who you are.

Marquetta Northweather, Claremore

Destroyed by debt


I have been reading a book written by one of our nation’s best scientists, the late Dr. Carl Sagan. In “Cosmos,” Sagan postulated that there are around 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

The national debt is now about $9 trillion. This is a number so huge that one would best express it in scientific notation.

Does it take a scientist, or even an accountant, to see where the real threat to this nation’s well-being is? More debt than galaxies? I don’t need to be either a scientist or accountant to see where this will lead.

This inept administration is destroying America in a way that not even al-Qaida could pull off, even if combined with the Taliban.

Carl McBaines, (e-mail)

Return the signs


Open letter to the Rogers County Commissioners. Please, please, please have another vote to allow campaigning by candidates on the courthouse parking lot.

Since you’ve banned them they are even more obnoxious than they ever were on that one block of downtown purgatory. Now they hang from trees. They hang from traffic lights. They hang from light poles.

Their minions cause traffic distractions and hazards by waving signs, raising balloons, and blocking the view of intersections with their sign covered pickup trucks, SUV’s and hay bales.

The roadways to the polls are littered with hundreds of signs and dozens of waiving volunteers. My new personal rule of thumb is to not vote for the candidate who places at least 200 signs and posts two dozen waiving supporters enroute to my polling place. And that even includes my own political party. So please Mr. County Commissioner – end this insanity now! Return the circus to the courthouse parking lot where it belongs.

John W. Franklin, Claremore

Animal control


Before you breed consider every year 4 to 8 million dogs and cats are euthanized due to lack of homes for them. There are better ways of making a dollar. A good example would be to pick up a pure bred at the animal shelter without AKC or ACA documentation and sell them. These documents are only a piece of paper that have only as much value as you place on them.

I recently went to the Animal Shelter and saw mostly pure bred dogs. That means your puppies once sold for profit are now in line to be euthanized. Puppies and kittens are cute, but grow up quickly and if the owners do not care and protect them, they end up at the animal shelter and are gassed, resulting in an untimely horrid death.

The euthanasia practice has become common practice. Everyone can help with the over population. I suggest foregoing the AKC fees and invest in a pet that needs a good loving home, check out PAWS or the local animal shelter for a loving pet that will be a loyal and faithful companion. If you can’t find the pet you are looking for just check back daily, it will be there soon. Just look into their little eyes and consider saving a life.

Michelle Young, Okay, Okla.

No leadership


The United States is rushing precision-guided bombs to Israel, presumably so they can be used in that country’s continuing assault on Lebanon.

By all accounts, Israeli bombs and missiles have already killed far more civilians than terrorists, thereby planting the seeds for another generation of anti-Israeli hatred throughout the region.

Instead of pouring more oil on the fires of violence, the United States should be leading the search for some creative way to stop the endless cycle of hatred and recrimination.

As the escalating conflict threatens to engulf us all in a world war, why is there no real leadership coming from Washington?

Otis White, Tulsa