I have noticed that in articles from the Claremore Progress have little to no mention of EMS. In recent articles firefighters, special rescue teams, and more are mentioned for their efforts on scene. The most mention EMS receives is “transported by ambulance.”

On the topic of the couple drowning in the pond in Verdigris, channel 8, channel 6, as well as the Claremore Progress advised the public of the efforts of firefighters and the Inola dive team. There were two medics who dove into the pond along side of the firefighters in search of the car and the victims. There was no mention of EMS at all. Why is it that EMS is neglected yet when called upon they are expected to perform to the best of their ability? I feel that it is not fair or just for EMS to constantly be excluded.

Firefighters risk their lives, receive awards, articles in the paper, are displayed on the news, etc. Which are well deserved in my opinion. But, when it comes to EMS personnel they are blamed for a loved one dying, (even when there was nothing that could be done), they live with the nightmares of children dying in a car accident (as many firefighters and other rescue personnel do), they wash blood from their hands and uniforms, etc and they do all of this for nothing. They know that nothing will be said about their efforts.

It is not an issue of wanting to be glorified. At times, maybe it would help them to show that they too are appreciated just as we show firefighters they are. Maybe it would help them to hold their head up after a horrible call to know that they have the support of their community.

Firefighters, EMS, police, OHP, Air Evac, Tulsa Life Flight, and many more are a team. It is through this team effort that is displayed on a scene that lives are saved. This team is united on scene, all working together as one. Yet, when it comes to reporting the news there is no team, it is broke up into individual efforts.

The only personnel that is constantly not mentioned are EMS personnel. Do they not put in the same, if not more time, effort, sweat and tears than other rescue personnel? Why are those who administer CPR, medications, and many other life saving measures the ones who are neglected?

Kari Sweet, Claremore

(The media most often depends on the investigating officers for their information. We have great regard for the EMS workers, and agree with your point. We will try to improve this coverage. —The Editor)

Amend with teeth


I would like to propose a flag desecration amendment with some real teeth. Number one, it should impose jail time for every one of the millions of people who daily litter our streets, parks, parking lots and highway roadsides, because by doing so they show their utter contempt and disrespect for our nation’s flag by slobbing up the great nation the flag represents. And number two, impose jail for every one of the 100 million non-voters in this country who make a mockery of the deaths of every soldier, sailor and Marine who died to protect the freedom for all of us that our flag represents.

Wouldn’t this make more sense than creating an amendment that would be aimed at the dozen or so malcontents who may have actually physically desecratee a flag over the last 10 or so years?

Well, probably not to that convention of idiots we call a congress.

Robert Oliver, (e-mail)

Not utility poles


Pardon me ma’am—those aren’t utility poles along Route 66. (Nancy Strother, June 30). They are telegraph poles, and they pre-date even the pavement.

If you look carefully you will see poles with one, two or three white bands on them. These bands once indicated which dirt road actually went through before there were highway signs as we now know them. Highway 66 typically follows the railroad tracks, and telegraph lines are as fundamental to the 66 experience as the narrow pavement, lack of shoulders, and “Pony Truss” bridges.

Telegraph lines are now rarer than original 66, but Rogers County has both. Should they be celebrated? Restored? Or even just preserved? Well, I don’t know—but they should definitely not be despised.

William H. Mosier,


Unholy abomination


Often the newspaper opinion letters written are about the liberal press, war on Christianity and un-American peacemakers. The publishers of most newspapers and media sources are Republicans; however a few believe in the necessity of a free press and print the truth.

The Bush Gang has intimidated the most powerful media sources. They have had the help of traitors in Congress; in April 2006 the House attached a leak amendment to H.R. 5020 to criminalize the publication of any illegal activities by the government. This tyrant law was approved 366 to only 56 against. All Oklahoma House members voted for this tyrant law, and they must be replaced.

Freewill is a gift of God, yet some Christians have become money changers, supporting an abusive government. They have disgraced Christianity by ignoring the message of love, tolerance, benevolence, and render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

They condemn the peacemakers loved by Jesus. They never ask what would Jesus do, instead they ask what would the Bush cult want me to do?

This is war on Christianity by Charlatans who Jesus called false prophets. They spew their poison on radio, TV, and command large corporate organizations. America was founded to escape from the religion of kings and priests.

The unholy marriage of religion and politics is an abomination by hypocrites, liars and idolaters.

J. Ray Hunt,

Broken Arrow

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