Clean up all our city parks


I agree with Kathy Perry wholeheartedly about the deplorable condition of Powers Park.

I have three grandsons playing little league, therefore I am there several nights a week. I hate for the boys to use the restrooms, and I would use them only in a dire emergency.

The dead weeds under the bleachers on fields 3 and 4 are a disgrace. (At least they are dead.) Evidently weed killer was used, but the job was not finalized.

We attend tournaments in other cities, i.e.., Muskogee and Sapulpa, where parks are much better maintained.

Take a drive to Claremore Lake to see what Cliff Braughton and his small staff have done for the venue. It can be done. We need pride in our work.

Claremore is too great a city to have parks maintained in this manner for citizens and visitors to see.

I understand City Manager Troy Powell is looking into the situation, so hopefully the parks will improve. I know Claremore is headed in the right direction.

Carlene Webber, Claremore

Liberal media


The terms liberal, conservative, radical, and reactionary are terms of comparison, not absolute values. When you use a term, like liberal or conservative media, it is in comparison to some other media outlet.

When someone says the liberal media, I want to ask in comparison to what. If they are comparing our news media to the media in NAZI Germany, The Soviet Union, or Communist China, then yes we have a liberal media and I am very proud of it.

If use of this phrase, as a term of derision, means that you don’t agree with what the media printed, tough, deal with it. I haven’t always agreed with everything in this newspaper, on television or the NET. I do try to be fair. If this newspaper, or any other media outlet, wants to praise or criticize any public official, go for it. Just be reasonably fair, balanced and truthful.

John H. Fortner, Claremore

(Mr. Fortner signs as a former Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps.)

Unwanted rezoning


On April 20 of this year, I attended a City of Claremore-Rogers County Metropolitan Area Planning Commission meeting. On the agenda was the proposal by Church of Claremore to rezone property adjacent to Rose Glen addition from AR to C-2. I was one of several opponents of the rezoning proposal which the planning commission denied.

As a member of the public and a neighbor to the property, I am offended that the city council would overturn the planning commission’s recommendation. I feel that this rezoning was requested for speculative purposes and will put our area in the path of urban sprawl. Add to this zoning change the additional 168 acres the Piguet family has requested commercial zoning for just ‘next door,’ and the stage is set to change the character of the area significantly. Highway 88 is proposed to snake around Rose Glen as well although a direct route past the expo over the hill to the Wal-Mart area is much more sensible. The citizens of Claremore should be informed about the City Council’s lack of respect for the Planning Commission’s recommendations which will negatively impact our beautiful, rural area.

Cathy Orban, Claremore

Kudos to police


I recently attended the Citizens Police Academy, 2006-01. I would like to tell something about the Claremore Police Department that people probably are not aware of. The courses that were taught are really different than I could have envisioned. The quality of the instruction was excellent or could even be classified as superior. I think the reason is because, Capt. Stan Brown, the head of the academy, is completely sold out on this type of teaching the Claremore citizens about police activities and the things they really have to deal with.

For all of the people who don’t know about the Claremore police officers, they are an outstanding bunch of guys who take their jobs serious and have your interest at heart. The officers who taught in the classes were outstanding and very knowledgeable of their individual jobs as well as being able to present it to ordinary citizens who have no special training except what was given in the academy classes.

Claremore citizens should be extremely proud they have the individuals on the police force they do. The officers are extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Thanks for the opportunity to see behind the scenes of your jobs.

Wayne Ping, Claremore

Food drive results


The results are final. Claremore citizens donated a whopping 15,500 pounds of food to the National Association of Letter Carrier’s (NALC) Food Drive held Saturday, May 13.

This beat their 2005 record by 1,100 pounds. The food will benefit the hungry in the Claremore area.

Total for the area drive, which includes 26 towns, is 261,088 pounds – a new record that exceeds last year’s record total by 20,669 pounds.

On behalf of all area letter carriers I wish to extend a hearty congratulations and sincere thanks to Claremore. Their generosity will make a major difference in our efforts to stamp out hunger.

Cherry Lowther, Tulsa

(Ms. Lowther was coordinator for the recently completed food collection drive by Tulsa area letter carriers.)

Citizen control


May 1, 2006, some of the 10 million illegal aliens and their supporters crowded the streets of USA streets. They hoped their demonstrations on World Socialist Day would prove they were indispensable to the economy and education. Since the economy and schools did not collapse, it proved the opposite.

The illegal aliens who walked out of businesses and schools should have continued walking. Walking across USA borders for the last time. There, they should make their nations as desirable as they say the USA is.

USA employers could quickly fill vacancies from the 5 million citizens on welfare, 7 million on unemployment, and 3.5 million “homeless”. Employers would have to pay competitive wages and benefits instead of exploiting cheap foreign labor to fatten their profits.

And schools would have fewer “special needs” students costing more than their share of taxes. And hospitals bankrupted by unpaid emergency room services could reopen. Welfare programs would be able to provide more for citizens. And entry level jobs would once again be available to teenagers and low skill citizens needing work experience to qualify for better jobs. And Homeland Security would be able to control the borders.

And the icing on this multi-layered cake? Politicians would no longer be able to get illegals’ fraudulent votes and greedy employers’ “donations”!

John Terneus, Yukon

What happened?


President Bush’s approval ratings are at a new low of 31 percent for a good reason. He has used his bully pulpit to talk about things that serve only his and his party’s interests — issues that are very simple-minded and easy to attract a response.

Our country has been systematically weakened and divided by a few people and one so-called mastermind. They have turned our people against each other. The rest of the world hates us more than ever. We have been morally, financially, militarily, environmentally and globally weakened. And our safety has been jeopardized. Even though our country has been so critically damaged, we can become great again if we will become involved in the process of electing qualified leaders.

Mack Stamper, Poteau