I would like to congratulate the Hillcats on their inaugural season.

I am writing in response to Mr. Lester’s article on Feb. 24 concerning the need for the Hillcats to have their own facility. I agree 100 percent.

My problem with the article is that Mr. Lester’s point was made without the need to put down anyone’s sport or business. Furthermore your terminology to describe the athletes of rodeo was unique, clearly comparing them to naive young girls (ingénue — a naive young girl or young woman ... Webster Collegiate Dictionary).

I doubt that Mr. Lester would be willing to climb on the back of a bucking bull or bucking horse! If he needs a personal invitation to do so, I do extend the invitation to try our sport. Putting these comments aside, this city, and county has deep agriculture roots. Even though Claremore has become a bedroom community for Tulsa, please honor the rich agriculture history, and respect our way of life. I find it ironic that we, in the agriculture industry, can and do enjoy, support and attend mainstream sporting events.

Being sincere and energetic about it, however, mainstream sports seem to do little than look down, ridicule our way of life and sport. Many rodeo athletes have played mainstream sports in school, and some were stars at it.

From viewing the games broadcast on TV, we, rodeo has put more people in the seats at one event than you do. I wonder who is mainstream Rogers County, northeast Oklahoma, U.S.A.?

Tad Bell, Chelsea

Couldn’t agree more


I am so in agreement with Terrell Lester, Sunday, Feb. 24, that the Hillcats need their own home.

I agree that out-of-towners need to clim the hill and see our beautiful campus. I remember going into the old gym and watching all the home games when we had Coach Ken Trickey.

I do however disagree with the use of the word ingenue when he was speaking of Expo. In my dictionary ingenue refers to a naive/young woman/stage role/actress playing such a role. Don’t believe the activities sharing the Expo should even be thought of or considered with the word.

Also, the Hillcats need to have their own batting cages. When our local youth have gone to the Recreation Center to “rent” the cages, they are told that the University has them reserved for the whole evening.

I’m sorry but I helped pay for the Recreation Center and I feel we should get to use them. Our teams have gone to use the cages, told the U. has them reserved and the U. wasn’t even there.

I feel my dollar should count.

Carol Smithauser, Rogers County

God in print

is good


I look forward to your article every Friday. Last Friday's was especially good. With the TV media, and our schools pushing God out the door, it is so nice that our local newspaper still allows God's message. Anyway, I enjoy your acticle so much, I just had to let you know. Your love of our Father really shows in your writings.

Thanks for doing what you do,

Pam Rudolph, Claremore

Thanks for boosting young genuis


Thanks for the excellent article about the Fab Lab, David Isenbart and the wonderful teaching tool we have for the junior high.

Stuart Roosa was on Apollo 14 — what’s next from these young genuises like the young Hocutt and his magnetic race car.


Frank C. Robson, Claremore

Editor’s note: The Fab Lab article by Rebecca Hattaway ran in the Sunday, Feb. 17 edition of the Daily Progress.

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