Let’s take an honest look at this new supposed terrorist threat. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that this information is coming from the same bungling, inept security folks who sold us on the make-believe weapons of mass destruction. This time it is British-led, last time it was U.S.-led.

Of course, our equally bungling and inept security folks jumped right on the bandwagon. These are the same folks who provided that memorable leadership during and after Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. I find it difficult to take anything they say or do as having any credibility.

Now I hate to pop their bubbles, but the potential for using liquid explosives and gases is not new, it’s been around for decades. Stability was a problem for a long time, but that issue was controlled years ago. Now all of a sudden it’s a threat? Come on. They should be fired for not recognizing it before.

Though it is possible to believe that our incompetent security folks never looked down from their ivory towers and truly wanted to protect the lowly citizens.

I have a theory of what is really going on here: The airlines have been losing their behinds lately and one of the places they are losing big is on-board drinks. They have been charging $5 or $6 for a drink, and people have started bringing their own drinks, which they can buy for a buck.

So it’s a conspiracy between the airlines and the government to make you buy their drinks. Laugh if you want, but that’s as credible as WMDs or that liquid explosives are something new.

Leonard Casey, Tulsa

Utility rates


I’m so glad to see you all uncovering corruption wherever that maybe. I too believe in innocent until proven guilty.

I’m just so glad to see someone else pursuing this injustice against the people.

I want you to know I was very happy with my electric bill and my next door neighbor was too. However, I met a lady at unemployment office who said her electric bill was higher than her house payment this month. And a lady I work with says her natural gas bill consistently runs well over $100.00 a month and she only has a gas water heater and a cookstove. She’s had ONG out to check for leaks. They say there are none. Another lady says her electric runs her well over $200.00 a month and she is gone to work all day! What’s the deal anyway??

Do you think the electric company needs to be monitored? And the Gas Company?

Removing Denise Bode from Corporation Commission would go along way in getting fair prices back and off Southwest Power.

Sharon Clark, Claremore

Fair treatment?


The Casino documents which were referred to in an August 15, Tulsa World article by Branstetter regarding radio host, DelGiorno has an interesting “error.”

The Creek Gaming “Incident” Report was apparently issued last year informing DelGiorno of an “upcoming hearing” on August 20, 2005 to determine if he should be permanently banned from their casino.

Perhaps DelGiorno didn’t go to the hearing because he couldn’t — August 20 had already passed — the letter itself is dated August 30, 2005!

Interestingly, the Creek Nation issued a follow-up letter notifying DelGiorno of a “Final Banishment Order” because he failed to show up to the September 20, 2005 hearing.

Perhaps it was a simple typo, but then again perhaps the gaming industry didn’t want DelGiorno at that hearing. I know Tulsa has more that its share of charlatans and I would not condone any of the actions that this man has been accused of, but I think this story needs more investigation.

Janice Fellman, Claremore

Insane strategy


Are Democrats wrong about Iraq? Possibly. Are Republicans wrong about Iraq? Definitely.

A popular definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. This seems to be the President’s strategy.

Additionally, he says that the troops will remain in Iraq, not until a desired result is reached, but as long as he is president.

It’s difficult to see how this could be construed as being anything other than stubborn and inflexible.

Republicans seem to like war a great deal. They just don’t seem to be very good at it.

Teresa McCall (e-mail)

Thanks for help


I want to express my gratitude to the officer from the Rogers County Sheriff’s officer who offered to change my flat tire and did so. It was sunny and hot that day and I was on my way to work. Because of his help, I was not late. I was traveling from Chouteau to Claremore along SH 88 when I had the flat tire. I am very grateful for his kind help, and would like to thank him by name but I didn’t get it.

Janet Byrd, Chouteau

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