I was at the Claremore, Oklahoma, Wal-Mart, Nov. 30, 2006, and I saw the headline "Straight-party voting questioned" in the Daily Progress for Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2006.

I thought to myself, what kind of a fool would question "Straight Party Voting"; it must be some REPUBLICAN trying to confuse Democratic Party voters. But, when I purchased a copy and read the article, it was two Democrats, State Senator Kenneth Corn and State Representative Neil Brannon of OKLAHOMA.

Whatever turnip truck these two fellahs fell off of, they need to climb back on and get processed, canned and labeled for the turnips that they are, and get out of politics if their idea to eliminate "Straight-Party Voting" is the best they can do. I could understand elimination of "Straight-Party Voting" coming from the REPUBLICAN minority in an effort to fractionalize the constituents of the Democratic Party and use "Issue Oriented Politics" in the GENERAL ELECTIONS to do so; but it is difficult to imagine a Democrat that is not working for the REPUBLICAN PARTY making such a statement.

Issue Oriented Politics is for the PRIMARY ELECTION PROCESS. In the PRIMARY ELECTION PROCESS constituents of the Democratic Party decide who they want to represent them. If these two fools want to change something, they should change their own behavior and participate in the PRIMARY ELECTION PROCESS, rather than try to change the GENERAL ELECTION PROCESS from a Constituent Oriented Process, as it is, to an Issue Oriented Process by elimination of "Straight-Party Voting" as a Constituent Oriented Process , where issues and representatives have already been settled in the PRIMARY ELECTION PROCESS.

This article "Straight-party voting questioned" strikes me as a testing the waters article to see how dumb the electorate is, and whether or not they can be led by these two jokers, and who ever put them up to it, to accept fractionalized divisive complexity that can be used to lead the electorate, constituents of the Democratic Party, against their own best interests in the name of "less confusion."

Thomas G. Miller, e-mail

Leave God

in the picture


There are many things in the present political and social arena that are disappointing to me, such as our president appearing to be so lenient relative to illegal immigration. There are many things that make me as mad as Muslim communities attempting to incorporate Sharia law in our country , and then there are some things that downright outrage me such as the attempts of some to separate the very fabric of everyday life in America from the god who made us in His image and gave us this great country.

The very thought of removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, for example, is more than outrageous. The legal counsel for the individual most rigorous in this pursuit has been quoted as saying, “The problem is that young schoolchildren are quite likely to view the Pledge as affirming the existence of God and national subordination to God.” That is exactly what the Pledge is supposed to convey.

Then there is the issue of displaying the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, public buildings and classrooms. Those sacred Commandments are timeless and given to man as a standard of behavior acceptable both to God and to our fellow man. They form the very foundation of our legal system.

I read the following quote last week. “Strange, indeed, that we have come to a time when the only politically correct utterance of the name of Jesus Christ is as a curse.”

Now there will be those that will attempt to justify such actions by putting forth the doctrine of the separation of church and state. That is no more than a political philosophy expressing an ideological interpretation of the first amendment. Neither the constitution nor its amendments use that phrase or anything close to it. In fact that redundant and groundless argument is one of the original attempts to introduce political correctness.

So to all that read this letter, Merry Christmas and may the Prince of Peace who was born to die for you reign victoriously in your heart not only during this season but through all the days of your life.

Walt Thurn, Claremore

You can

contact CASA


In the Sunday, October 22, 2006 edition of the Claremore Daily Progress, there was a special edition on Winter Health, which contained an inaccurate address for Tri-County CASA.

On page four of the tabloid, in the third column under “County Health Resources,” Tri-County CASA’s address should read: 510 E. Will Rogers Blvd. The phone number is correct (343-1515).

Our agency provides volunteers who speak on behalf of abused and neglected children in our local juvenile courts. We also have information and tips for parents about how to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Thank you for including us in the tabloid.

Angela Henderson, Claremore

(Angela Henderson is the program director for CASA.)