Your Viewpoints


First, I want to commend you on the beautiful appearance of your front page. The pictures are outstanding and the front page stories intrigue the psyche and makes me read from cover to cover.

Second, your headline story “Police, fire, parks vote Sept. 11,” July 5 seems well-timed. What better day to acknowledge the contribution to our safety and enjoyment by these dedicated personnel of three departments with our continued support of the one (1) penny sales tax. While for me it is taxation without representation, as I live in the county, I am happy to pay it. I buy five car tags in Rogers County, all my groceries, my hardware, hair care, gasoline, tires, auto repairs, title to the church, and even an occasional movie. With this I enjoy safety while shopping, entertainment, and feeding the ducks at Claremore Lake with my great-grandchildren.

Thank you people of Claremore City proper for providing these things. I promise to always spend my money in your city so I can help you with these costs, and yes I am on a fixed income. Thank you for listening to a little ole gray-haired lady.

Maxine Pinkerton Chamberlain

Amanda, you

will be missed


The Lady Zebras are really going to miss our friend and all star player, Amanda Kelley.

There are some players who act like they are the main players, some who are happy to have made the team and some who treat everyone equal. Amanda was one of those players who was a friend to one and all.

She even treated the fans with special treatment. She would greet them at the gate and welcome them to the ballpark. Then she’d visit with them until it was time to get ready for the ball game.. You couldn’t help but want to root for the amazing friend.

I can recall one time at the new ballpark. It was one of those doubleheaders and the first game was over. So the players were helping get the field ready for the second game. Each time someone would water the field and then it would dry and be ready for the next game. This day, Amanda was the one wetting down the field. Right between first and second base, she was talking to fans and friends and next thing we knew it was flooded. The coaches and fathers of the girls worked hard to get the field back in shape. Fans and players were stomping around the area while the coaches and fathers were putting drying solution on the area. After about 20 minutes the field was back in shape for the next game. The head coach told Amanda that she would not be wetting down the field next game. The coach must have forgiven her, because she was doing it again and this time she didn’t talk to anyone until she was finished.

She was one Lady Zebra that was a friend to all her fans.

Loy W. Hurd, Claremore