Public Notice


Bid #444-Emergency Lighting and Equipment Specifications

Rogers County is seeking bids on five (5) or more Purchase and Installation of Emergency Lighting and Equipment on five (5) 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors. Equipment and Installation shall be identical in each vehicle. Bid should specify total price per unit, including installation and labor. All items are to be installed. Bid should also include information regarding equipment warranty, (if any), and warranty on installation, (if any). Bid should include the maximum number of days needed per unit to complete the installation.

Item #1 - Light Bar

• maximum of three (3) inches tall

• minimum of forty six (46) inches long

• minimum of fourteen (14) inches wide

• unit shall operate on 12 volt power system with a maximum amp

draw of twenty seven (27) amps

• rear of the unit should have traffic director lighting, amber in color,

consisting of a minimum of 5 LED light heads, capable of at least

left, right and center out warning modes

• all necessary controls for the operation of the traffic director

• front lighting shall be a combination of red and blue colors

• rear lighting shall be a combination of red, blue and amber colors,

including traffic director

• warning lights of light bar shall be constructed of LED lighting and

shall consist of a minimum of five (5) separate red light heads and

five (5) separate blue light heads.

• light bar shall also contain white halogen alley lights and white

halogen takedown lights.

• takedown lights shall be capable of alternating flash and steady burn

• light bar should not contain halogen rotating lights or strobe lights

• mounting shall be a ‘permanent mount’design

Item #2 - Siren

• capable of running at 200 watts

• operate on a 12 volt system

• include traditional wail, yelp, and air horn tones, plus a minimum

of one (1) additional warning tone such as phaser, two-tone, etc...

• include a park-kill feature and park-kill feature shall be connected

• allow for ‘manual’ or ‘temporary on’ operation

• shall have built in protection against speaker shorts, high and low

voltage shut down feature, along with a self resetting circuit

• include a Public Address function with microphone and volume


• specify if siren has an ‘auxiliary’ or ‘horn right’ function to cycle

siren tones utilizing vehicle’s horn switch (installation of this

feature shall be included).

Item #3 - Siren Speaker(s)

• speaker(s) shall be either one (1) two hundred watt speaker or two

(2) one hundred watt speakers fully compatible with siren in Item #2

• shall meet all Class A requirements for use on emergency vehicles

Item #4 - Deck Lights

• one (1) red and one (1) blue LED deck light, including brackets

• shall operate on a 12 volt system and draw less than one (1) amp

per light

• shall have a minimum of six (6) selectable flash patterns with lights

wired to synchronize with one another

Item #5 - Headlight Flasher

• must be specifically compatible with the vehicle’s make and model

• shall be of solid state design

• at a minimum, a wigwag or alternating flashing pattern

• flashing pattern to be specified on bid

• shall have a high beam override function

• shall operate on a 12 volt system and be capable of a minimum of

150 watts per output

Item #6 - Switchbox

• minimum of six (6) switches

• designed for a 12 volt system

• at least one of the switches shall be a minimum of a 40 amp circuit

protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker

• remainder of switches shall be a minimum of 20 amp circuits, each

protected by fuses

• light bar functions, deck lights, and headlight flashers shall be

routed through and controlled by this switchbox, with the exception

of traffic director if separate control is provided.

• shall have a backlit legend above each switch designating which

light(s) are controlled by that switch

• shall illuminate when in the on position

Item #7 - Console

• shall securely and neatly house radio, switchbox, siren and traffic

director control (if applicable)

• faceplates fitting each item installed in console shall be utilized

• should mount to dash between bucket seats and have a minimum

area of fourteen (14) inches for mounting equipment and must hold

all radios, switchboxes, sirens and other controls associated with this bid

• should include three (3) fused 12 volt auxiliary power supply plugs

(i.e. cigarette lighter style power plugs)

• shall securely mount to vehicle interior and shall not interfere with

airbag operation

• shall have at least two (2) cup holders

• may cover vehicle’s ashtray

• may not cover or interfere with vehicle climate controls

• not extend past rear edge of front vehicle bucket seats into the rear

passenger area of vehicle

• include microphone clips for Public Address microphone and radio


Item #8 - Radio Install

Rogers County Sheriff’s Department will provide a Motorola CM 3000 radio, radio antenna, coax cable, and lip mount trunk style antenna mount

• installation of antenna bracket

• cutting antenna to appropriate length for frequency used

• installation of antenna

• routing and installation of coax cable

• routing and installation of power cable

• mounting of radio into console

• radio power wires should be wired directly to vehicle battery and

shall be fused

• fuse location should be specified

Item #9 - Flashlight Install

Rogers County Sheriff’s Department will provide rechargeable flashlight and bracket

• install flashlight charger, mount in an easily accessible location to

vehicle driver and route all wires

• wiring should not be on an ignition circuit, but wired so that flas

light will charge when vehicle is turned off

• mounting should not interfere with airbag or safe vehicle operation

• charger wiring shall be fused and fuse location should be specified

Bid shall include all necessary brackets, wiring, and hardware for complete mounting and installation of all above noted items, 1 thru 9.

Any questions concerning this bid should be directed to:

Barry Lamb, Rogers County Under-Sheriff

201 South Cherokee Avenue

Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

(918) 342-9700

Sealed bids will be opened in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room #109, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Claremore, Oklahoma

Monday, December 18th, 2006

@9:00 a.m.

Purchases by Rogers County, Oklahoma are not subject to State or Federal Taxes.

Oklahoma Law requires each bidder submitting a bid to Rogers county for goods or services to furnish a notarized sworn statement of non-collusion.

Bids should be sent to the Rogers County Purchasing Agent, %Rogers County Clerk, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Avenue, Room 104, Claremore, Oklahoma 74017.

Late bids will not be considered. Bids must be received in sealed envelopes, (one to an envelope) with bid number and closing date written on the outside of the envelope.

Rogers County reserves the right to delete any item and reject any and all bids.

Rogers County, Oklahoma

Rogers County Courthouse

219 South Missouri

Avenue, Room 104

Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

Peggy Armstrong,

Rogers County Clerk

Marilynn Gibson,

Purchasing Agent

(918) 341-8360