Bid Number 0054A - Blanket Bond -

Rogers County is requesting sealed bids to purchase from the lowest and best bidder, a surety contract or contractors in the form known as a “BLANKET BOND” to cover all county officers, appointive officers, employees and reserve force deputy sheriff and reserve force emergency management, in the manner hereinafter provided. No other bond shall be acceptable as surety for any elected or appointed officer, employee, reserve deputy or reserve emergency management of this County in lieu of the blanket bond provided for herein. For purposes of this act, a “BLANKET BOND” is defined as a public employees’ blanket position bond which covers all employees up to the penalty of the bond of each employee and the full penalty of the bond is always in force during its term and no restoration is necessary and there is no additional premium after a loss is paid.

Term of “Blanket Bond” is July 1st 2006, thru June 30th, 2007.

Bids should include the coverage of $10,000.00 for 240 officers and employees and the County Treasurer at $100,000.00.

Sealed bids will be opened in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room 1-109, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri, Claremore, Oklahoma

Monday June 5th, 2006

@9:00 a.m.

Bids should be sent to the Rogers County Purchasing Agent, Rogers County Courthouse, 219 South Missouri Room 1-104, Claremore, Oklahoma 74017 or Rogers County Purchasing Agent, % Rogers County Clerk, P.O. Box 1210, Claremore, Oklahoma 74018.

Oklahoma law requires each bidder submitting a bid to County for goods or services to furnish a notarized sworn statement of non-collusion.

Purchases by Rogers County, Oklahoma, are not subject to State or Federal taxes.

Late bids will be returned unopened. Bids must be received in sealed envelopes (one to an envelope) with bid number and closing date written on the outside of the envelope.

Rogers County reserves the right to delete any item and reject any and all bids.

Rogers County, Oklahoma

Rogers County Courthouse

219 South Missouri, Room 1-104

Claremore, Oklahoma 74017

Peggy Armstrong, County Clerk

Marilynn Gibson, Purchasing Agent

(918) 341-8360

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