May I express my appreciation for the dances sponsored by Senior Advantage of Claremore Hospital for several years. The dances have been especially helpful to older citizens as a recreational exercise, helping us to maintain equilibrium as we age, and I regret that they are concluding. I have enjoyed dancing for more than 50 years, sensing that it was mentioned several times in the Old Testament as an enjoyable, biblically sound, and theologically appropriate human sport. When I moved to Macon, Ga., after graduating from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, my Kiwanis club assigned me the responsibility for teen-age dances every Saturday night at the YWCA.

Again, thanks not only to Claremore Hospital, but also to the City of Claremore, VFW and Elks Club for providing their facilities over the years. I am also thankful to Senior Advantage, its director, Marsha Chisum, the Claremore Progress for publicity, and to my wife Betty and the other wonderful ladies who have prepared such wonderful Thursday night dinners.

Luther (Luke) Smith

Hats off to Lester


What a wonderful interview story on Ralph Terry by Sports Editor Terrell Lester. I am biased for sure. How could I not be, growing up as a kid with Terry, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

I’m sure he learned from the interview and wrote what Terry expressed to him, but Lester’s own knowledge and research was extremely impressive. This was one of the best interview stories I have ever read. It reminded me of Bill Conners’ classic interview stories of Oklahoma’s famous football coaches and others.

My NY hat is off to Mr. Lester.

Sam Cowherd

Appreciate carrier’s attention to detail


People in Tulsa have been writing into the World bragging about their carriers — made us want to brag about our Progress carrier. He not only brings it every day it is published, he puts it right outside our garage door, which saves us a trip down our slippery drive. Being older people we deeply appreciate that thoughtfulness.

Bob and Shirley Damewood, Claremore

P.S. Our carrier is James Hutson.

Kettle collections stay at home


The Rogers County Unit of The Salvation Army wants the good people of this area to know how much their care for others was evidenced in their giving to the Christmas Kettle Drive. Our thanks to the churches, service organizations, High School students and individuals both big and small that rang the bells this Christmas Season. Thanks to you we have over $17,000 to help local families who are experiencing severe financial difficulties.

Unlike donations mailed to the Tulsa or Oklahoma City SA offices, all the money from the Kettle Drives stays in the county where collected. It buys medicine, food, gasoline, pays for utilities and meets many other needs. For information, call Barbara Ingram, 341-7180. Thanks again for caring and sharing.

Bette Willey

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