I join the call for a paper BALLOT for every vote cast in America. It is time for Congress to finally pass an Election Reform bill in which the American people can have confidence. Any such legislation must require a paper BALLOT — not a "paper trail" nor a "paper record" — for every vote cast. I fully support the following open letter from leading election integrity organizations. Please make this a top priority in the upcoming legislative session.

Mrs. Patricia Lemon, Claremore

Good things

still happen


Tuesday, at Wal-Mart’s parking lot, I lost my wallet containing more money than I can afford to lose.

Some honest person turned it in and I don’t know who to thank. Read this and a very grateful person thanks you. God bless you.

Ken Warman, Claremore

Do we really care?


Poverty vs. Plenty, an article in Dec. 17th’s issue of the Tulsa World, speaks of Oklahoma as ranking No. 1 in the nation for hunger among its people. This should not happen if we do our part.

There was a benefit concert held at the First Baptist Church of Claremore this past Saturday evening to help with this very topic. It was a great disappointment to see the lack of concern for the needy. A mere 250 people attended the event and I applaud and thank each and every one of you that came in support of the needy through the Good Samaritan Ministry.

A lot of planning and hard work by many went into organizing the concert and yet the churches that support GSM program throughout the year did little to support this. The only support came from businesses and churches buying ads and from the people that attended. I thank you so much for caring.

This past summer there was a Christian rodeo held at the Claremore rodeo arena that was supported very heavily by the Rogers Baptist Association and associate churches. It is my opinion that the same interest should have been given to this or any other function in Claremore that contributes directly to the “poor.” All churches, no matter what denomination, should participate in helping each other to reach out and give a helping hand. No church should be singled out.

The rodeo did serve a great purpose as several people came to know the Lord, but wouldn’t it have been equally great for them to have supported this concert and possibly seen two or more lives won for Christ? It’s a shame that this did not happen. This program was not about preference of music or performers, it was about putting food on the table in front of a hungry child.

Come on Rogers Baptist Association, churches, pastors and deacons. Come on Claremore and Rogers County people, step up to the plate and help those in need. Let’s make Christmas parties, Christmas shopping and athletic events a second priority to serving the Lord by helping those that can’t help themselves.

Jim Isham, Verdigris

Santa Cash needs changes


Well, we’ve had another year of Christmas shopping with our Claremore merchants, collecting bags full of “Santa Cash” ticket stubs, only to have to give them away to friends because we work on Saturday and cannot attend the drawing.

Wouldn’t it be more fair to all the customers to notify the winners instead of requiring them to be present?

Perhaps the merchants haven’t considered how many people are elderly or physically unable to walk the distance from parking to the stadium.

This seems to be workable in Broken Arrow, and all of us being left out every year would really appreciate the change.

Patt Cameron, Claremore

Kim Thompson, Foyil

Shopper wants more variety, more service


I agree with the lady last week that stated Claremore, Okla., needs a real good shopping center that would have a K-Mart and Target. Those stores have so much to choose from. If we had those stores like that we wouldn’t have to drive to Tulsa to shop. Not only that, but we wouldn’t have to check ourselves out. Wal-Mart has three checkers. Otherwise, (it’s) check-yourself-out registers. ... if I’m good enough, as well as others, to buy food there and etc., then they should have all registers open for public.

Jean Ladner, Claremore